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TNS Media Intelligence Reports $104 Billion in U.S. Advertising Expenditures for First Nine Months of 2005

TNS Media Intelligence Reports $104 Billion in U.S. Advertising Expenditures for First Nine Months of 2005

Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 7, 2005--Total advertising expenditures for the first nine months of 2005 increased 3.0 percent to $104.1 billion compared to the same time period in 2004, according to data released today by TNS Media Intelligence, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information. Total ad spending during the third quarter of 2005 was down by 0.3 percent compared to 2004, during which the Olympics and Presidential election greatly impacted the overall ad market.

"Advertising expenditure percentage growth through September is in line with our original 2005 forecast of 2.9 percent," said Steven Fredericks, President and CEO of TNS Media Intelligence. "It is important to recognize that when we factor out the incremental 2004 ad volume attributed to the Olympics and the Elections, core ad spending grew by approximately 4.5 percent during the January to September period and 3.9 percent during the third quarter."

TNS MI estimates the third quarter losses in measured local media ad spending due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were $15-$20 million; about one tenth of one percent of the $13.3 billion spent on local media during the quarter.

Ad Spending by Media

The majority of 19 media measured by TNS MI experienced growth during the first nine months of 2005. Cable TV demonstrated the largest growth, up 12.2 percent to $11.5 billion behind the ongoing strength of thematic, special interest networks. News channels have recently underperformed due to the absence of political advertising, trimming the increase in total ad spend for the medium.

In addition, Internet display advertising continued to expand, up 11.5 percent to $6.1 billion for the first three quarters of the year. The engines of growth were the ongoing reallocation of budgets by large, blue chip advertisers and resurgent spending by dot com brands. For the first time since the dot com bust, online brands accounted for a majority of Internet ad spending.

Local Newspaper led with most total dollars spent at $18.3 billion, up 2.5 percent compared to the same period in 2004. Network TV was the second leading category with $16.1 billion. This figure was down 1.9 percent when compared to the same period in 2004, which was buoyed by the Summer Olympics.

      Ad Spending by Media: Jan-Sept. 2005 vs. Jan-Sept. 2004(1)                                          Jan - Sept Jan - Sept Media               		                       2005      2004         %                                  		  (Millions) (Millions)   Change ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWSPAPERS (LOCAL)                      	$18,396.2  $17,941.4      2.5% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NETWORK TV                              	$16,151.8  $16,463.1     -1.9% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CONSUMER MAGAZINES                      	$15,508.2  $14,411.2      7.6% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CABLE TV                                		$11,523.0  $10,271.0     12.2% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SPOT TV(2)                            		  $11,180.7  $12,245.6     -8.7% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNET(3)                             		 $6,060.3   $5,436.3     11.5% --------------------------------------	-------------------------------- LOCAL RADIO(4)                          	 $5,538.7   $5,438.8      1.8% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- B-TO-B MAGAZINES                         	$3,346.3   $3,276.5      2.1% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SYNDICATION TV - NATIONAL              	  $3,077.4   $2,898.5      6.2% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SPANISH LANGUAGE MEDIA(5)           	  $3,039.6   $2,942.7      3.3% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTDOOR                                  	$2,616.6   $2,397.9      9.1% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS                 	 $2,459.1   $2,375.0      3.5% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NATIONAL SPOT RADIO                      	$1,908.9   $1,875.1      1.8% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SUNDAY MAGAZINES                         	$1,143.8   $1,053.1      8.6% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FSI's(6)                                 		$1,103.9   $1,065.7      3.6% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NETWORK RADIO                           	   $731.5     $754.2     -3.0% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCAL MAGAZINES                            	$281.5     $228.7     23.1% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL(7)                               		$104,067.6 $101,074.7      3.0% ----------------------------------------------------------------------  Source: TNS Media Intelligence  1. Figures are based on the TNS Media Intelligence Stradegy multimedia     ad expenditure database across all TNS MI measured media,     including: Network TV; Spot TV; Cable TV (44 networks);     Syndication TV; Hispanic Network TV; Consumer Magazines (206     publications);,Sunday Magazines (5 publications); Local Magazines     (26 publications); Hispanic Magazines (26 publications);     Business-to-Business Magazines (448 publications); Local     Newspapers (143 publications); National Newspapers (3     publications); Hispanic Newspapers (53 publications); Network     Radio; Spot Radio; Local Radio; Internet; and Outdoor. Figures do     not contain public service announcement (PSA) data.  2. Spot TV figures do not include Hispanic Spot TV data.  3. Internet figures do not include paid search advertising.  4. Local Radio includes expenditures for 34 markets in the U.S     provided by Miller Kaplan.  5. Spanish Language Media includes expenditures from Hispanic Network     and Cable TV (Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Galavision);     Hispanic Spot TV; Hispanic Magazines; and Hispanic Newspapers.  6. FSI data represents distribution costs only.  7. The sum of the individual media may differ from the total due to     rounding. 

Ad Spending by Advertiser

The top 10 advertisers for the first nine months of 2005 spent $13.0 billion, up 2.2 percent compared to 2004. General Motors continues to outpace Procter and Gamble as the leading advertiser, with $2.1 billion in spending, up 10.4 percent from the previous year. Procter & Gamble spent 5.8 percent less, bringing their total expenditures down to $1.9 billion. This decrease is consistent with public statements by the company that it intends to shift marketing budgets away from media advertising.

Other companies with strong advertising expenditure growth included Time Warner Inc., up 10.2 percent to $1.4 billion; Johnson & Johnson, up 14.7 percent to $1.1 billion; and Pepsico, up 21.9 percent to $935 million. The largest decrease among the top 10 advertisers was SBC Communications, with a 16.3 percent drop to $1.1 billion on cutbacks in its wireless divisions leading up to their merger with AT&T.

       Top Ten Advertisers: Jan-Sept. 2005 vs. Jan-Sept. 2004(8)                                       		  Jan - Sept. Jan - Sept. Company                                		    2005       2004        %                                            		(Millions) (Millions)   Change ---------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL MOTORS CORP                    	  $2,159.7   $1,955.7     10.4% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROCTER & GAMBLE CO                      	$1,962.2   $2,083.0     -5.8% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TIME WARNER INC                          	$1,397.1   $1,267.2     10.2% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC               	$1,145.5   $1,049.9      9.1% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SBC COMMUNICATIONS INC                   	$1,135.3   $1,355.6    -16.3% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FORD MOTOR CO                            	$1,103.8   $1,073.9      2.8% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DAIMLERCHRYSLER AG                       	$1,092.9   $1,203.2     -9.2% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- JOHNSON & JOHNSON                        	$1,078.8     $940.6     14.7% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- WALT DISNEY CO                           	$1,010.1   $1,047.5     -3.6% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PEPSICO INC                                	$934.6     $767.0     21.9% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL                                   		$13,020.0  $12,743.6      2.2% ----------------------------------------------------------------------  8. Figures do not include National Spot Radio, Outdoor, FSI, House Ads     or PSA activity.  

Ad Spending by Category

The automotive industry continued to dominate spending during the first three quarters of 2005. Non-Domestic Auto was the leading category with over $6.3 billion in expenditures, down 1.7 percent compared to the same period in 2004. Domestic Auto posted a 0.8 percent decrease to $6.1 billion with reductions concentrated towards the end of third quarter and associated with the winding down of "employee pricing" promotions.

Direct Response was the category with the strongest growth, up 17.5 percent to $4.4 billion and has now recorded seven consecutive quarters of double digit gains. Additional categories with strong growth included Restaurants, up 6.6 percent to $3.6 billion, and Financial Services, up 5.7 percent to $5.7 billion.

 Top Ten Advertising Categories: Jan-Sept. 2005 vs. Jan-Sept. 2004(9)                                          		Jan - Sept.  Jan - Sept. Category                                   		2005        2004        %                                        		 (Millions)  (Millions)  Change ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTO, NON-DOMESTIC                       	$6,319.5   $6,427.5     -1.7% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTO, DOMESTIC                           	$6,067.5   $6,114.0     -0.8% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FINANCIAL SERVICES                       	$5,683.0   $5,376.8      5.7% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TELECOM                                  		$5,529.3   $5,371.3      2.9% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC SERVICES                            	$5,357.0   $5,007.9      7.0% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- RETAIL OTHER                             	$5,204.2   $5,277.3     -1.4% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECT RESPONSE                          	$4,392.8   $3,737.8     17.5% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL CARE PDTS                      	 $4,213.9   $4,045.3      4.2% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TRAVEL & TOURISM                         	$3,957.3   $3,881.5      2.0% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- RESTAURANTS                              	$3,552.0   $3,332.4      6.6% ----------------------------------------------------------------------  9. Figures do not include National Spot Radio, Outdoor, FSI, or PSA     activity.  

About TNS Media Intelligence

TNS Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertising agencies, advertisers, and media properties. The company's tracking technologies collect advertising expenditure and occurrence data, as well as select creative executions, for more than 2.2 million brands across 19 media. Established in 23 countries with more than 16,000 customers, TNS MI is part of the TNS Group, ranked #2 worldwide in marketing information and the world's largest custom research company. The U.S. headquarters are in New York City with sales locations in major markets throughout the United States.

About TNS

TNS is a market information group. We are the world's largest custom research company and a leading provider of social and political polling. We are also a major supplier of consumer panel, TV audience measurement and media intelligence services.

TNS operates a global network spanning 70 countries and employs over 13,000 people. We provide market information and measurement, together with insights and analysis, to local and multinational organizations.

We combine our specialist sector knowledge with expertise in the areas of new product development, motivational research, brand and advertising research and stakeholder management to bring our clients up-to-the minute, internationally consistent information.

We think differently to help our clients build competitive advantage, making TNS the sixth sense of business.

CONTACT: GolinHarris Glenn Mandel, 212-373-6028



SOURCE: TNS Media Intelligence

<<Business Wire -- 12/08/05>>

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Amgen sponsors Web site, education program for cancer patients

Amgen sponsors Web site, education program for cancer patients


Amgen and the cancer nonprofit Wellness Community have partnered for Breakaway from Cancer, a Web site and educational campaign featuring Tour de France winner George Hincapie as its spokesperson. The campaign will bring workshops featuring Hincapie and oncology researcher Dr. Anna Schwartz to cities around the country to educate patients about how to combat three psychosocial stressors of cancer patients: unwanted aloneness, loss of control, and loss of hope, according to the Web site, The site also features an online store that sells Breakaway from Cancer products, with all proceeds going to the Wellness Community. The initiative complements the Amgen Tour of California, a 700-mile bicycle race to raise funds for cancer care and treatment. Amgen's marketed cancer drugs include Kepivance, Neupogen, Neulasta, and Aranesp.
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AZ-sponsored site, educational tour teaches seniors about Part D

AZ-sponsored site, educational tour teaches seniors about Part D

Philadelphia is the first of seven cities to launch a national AstraZeneca-supported Medicare Part D education program called My Medicare Matters. The program combines a Web site,, with community events during which educators will use Internet-based tools, such as BenefitsCheckUpRx (ePharm5, 1/2403), to walk seniors and their families through the benefit and coverage options. The site breaks the benefit into "seven simple steps": eligibility, current drug coverage, costs, drugs covered, picking a plan, joining, and next steps. The site also answers frequently asked questions, gives resources that will guide seniors to get help with extra costs, and includes a tool to find local My Medicare Matters events within a specified distance from the consumer's ZIP code. Buttons on the site can also increase or decrease text size, a feature that is often included on Web sites for seniors. The National Council on the Aging and the Access to Benefits Coalition also sponsor the site and initiative.

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