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Friday, March 26, 2010

From Twitter 03-25-2010

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Twitter 03-24-2010

  • 09:56:29: New PEW REPORT shows adults living w/chronic disease are disproportionately offline in an online world [PDF]
  • 10:04:46: New PEW report on use of Internet by ppl w/chronic disease - Ignite Health POV, summary, implications 4 epharma: #hcsm
  • 10:05:10: @GeoTechie - yes, flash, I know, sorry...
  • 11:27:51: GR8! RT @roskadigital: #FDASM: the Making of a Movement How 2 mobilize people & engage in cause marketing #fdasm #hcsm
  • 11:44:52: Wireless carriers continue 2 drop prices. Cricket to introduce $30/month pay-as-you go unlimited talk & text plan! Wow!
  • 15:05:53: Nice piece in the New York Times, thanks @roskadigital: "Online Social Networks Bridge Gaps for Chronically Ill" #hcsm
  • 15:18:15: Nice! RT @patrickmoran: RT @jensmccabe: @chiah has a great interview at #sxsw, mentions outcomes from #sxsh:
  • 15:29:02: Interesting. RT @pmpconnect: RT @epharma: Pfizer Does Large-Scale Social Media Market Research #epharma
  • 15:35:51: RT @mkmackey: This is very cool! RT @parislemon Twision: Twitter Television Is Here! Well, In Spain Anyway.
  • 16:55:13: Why are all the ads on my facebook page (right-column) related to diabetes? Is it b/c I am a "fan" of diabetes groups & pages?
  • 17:03:12: FDR's little-known, never-enacted "2nd Bill of Rights": A job, home, education, recreation & HEALTH CARE. Core 2 the "pursuit of happiness"
  • 17:15:58: Health Care Reform Reactions From Around The World
  • 17:17:48: Actually, that's why I posted it -- forgot 2 tag u RT @EileenOBrien: @skypen Just asking someone from Spain on #socpharm about that topic!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adults Living With Chronic Diseases Less Likely to Be Online – Yet More Likely to Use Social Media

Written by Michael Spitz, Senior Digital Strategy, Ignite Health

Survey data from the Pew Internet Project and the California HealthCare Foundation have just become available, confirming an Internet access and online health information gap exists for adults living with chronic diseases, reflective of overall trends in public health and technology adoption.

But what is surprising from the data is that when other demographic factors are held constant, having a chronic disease significantly increases an internet user’s likelihood to participate in social media, such as blogging or contributing to an online discussion that helps people with personal issues or health problems.

Summary of Results

The data reveals that, despite disproportionately less access to the Internet, more than half of e-patients living with chronic disease consume user-generated health information, and one in five e-patients have created their own online health content.

Specifically, among e-patients living with chronic disease:

37% have read someone else's commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website, or blog

25% have consulted rankings or reviews online of hospitals or other medical facilities

25% have consulted rankings or reviews online of doctors or other providers

22% have signed up to receive updates about health or medical issues

13% have listened to a podcast about health or medical issues

In addition, 16% of e-patients living with chronic disease say their most recent inquiry had a major impact on their health care. Of these who say their most recent query had an impact:

Two-thirds say the information found online affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition

Half say it changed the way they cope with a chronic condition or manage pain

Half say it changed their overall approach to maintaining their health or the health of someone they help take care of

Half say it lead them to ask a doctor new questions, or to get a second opinion from another doctor

Half say it changed the way they think about diet, exercise, or stress management

One-third say it affected a decision about whether to see a doctor

Implications for ePharma Marketing

This survey reveals that having a chronic disease increases the probability that an internet user will share what they know about their condition and learn from their peers. The opportunities for healthcare communications experts are therefore clear:

  1. Monitor the social media “buzz” of your chronic disease target audiences to better understand their needs and communication behaviors
  2. Bring your brand message and communications to where these online conversations are already taking place
  3. Work with your brand teams and their regulatory experts to create social media guidance enabling direct participation
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From Twitter 03-23-2010

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Twitter 03-22-2010

  • 10:49:05: Awesome pic! w/ @JNJComm @shwen @bucktown @LizzieReachMD @skypen @renedigiredo @erikdigiredo :
  • 13:32:55: @roskadigital - my guess on Express Kindness: Vanessa Williams 2 be spokesperson. Ultimately, related 2 Botox. Helps women "express" beauty
  • 13:55:12: RT @jesperbn: 82% of US moms go online for a second opinion on health for their kids. #socpharm #hcsm #hcsmeu (via @EileenOBrien)
  • 17:14:51: This is cool! I cld see this being used 4 educating peeps abt consequences of health-related choices: #innovation #hcsm
  • 18:10:43: FaceBook Healthcare-Related Ads, Plus 2 from Pharma: (via @natbourre)
  • 18:18:48: IGNITE HEALTH looking 4 Accnt ppl (Jr & Sr), Strategists, Producers, Proj Mgrs, Creative. NYC & So Cal. Hired 18 lst mo, still need 12 more!
  • 18:24:52: @Nedra Comes w/Pain 4 sure. :) thank you!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

From Twitter 03-21-2010

  • 18:52:09: Nice! RT @SusannahFox: Catching up on SXSH, SXSW, FDASM, eHealth Mobile, Literacy thanks to @pfanderson
  • 21:04:30: Hell, yeah. RT @whitehouse: Obama: "This is what change looks like." #hcr
  • 21:05:54: Thank you for some sanity. RT @kristinebrite: Baby Killer trends because of some stupid heckler? What about the real baby killers? #CHD
  • 21:07:04: Nice! RT @brianspaeth: I won't know for sure how I feel about #hcr until Beyonce makes her statement.
  • 21:09:02: Yes, we must! RT @MeredithGould: RT @ahier: Put aside partisan differences! now time to work together 2 make things better 4 the nxt gen
  • 22:31:20: Forget ur politics, forget what u believe abt #hcr. THIS is what change looks like. This is what I bought. This is what I'm finally seeing.
  • 23:11:57: My new favorite movie: "I Love New York". Because it is great, and because I do. :)

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