Wednesday, February 20, 2008

J&J Launches Animated Shorts to Reach Gen Y Mommies

J&J Launches Animated Shorts to Reach Gen Y Mommies

Johnson & Johnson has launched an online video campaign for its baby lotion. The goal is to reach young, web-savvy moms.

The campaign emphasizes the power of a mom's touch to build a bond with her child.

J&J believes the online shorts will touch Gen Y moms in particular, because they "grew up" on the web.
The company worked with animation studio Animation Collective and actress Mariska Hargitay from NBC's Law & Order: SVU to create the shorts.

They began running on last Wednesday and are promoted via video banner ads on BabyCenter, Discovery Health, TLC, Meredith publications websites, and emails sent to BabyCenter and customer lists.

A Spanish version is also promoted on babycenter/espanol and

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Ad Infuse Introduces First Video Advertising Solution for the iPhone

Ad Infuse Introduces First Video Advertising Solution for the iPhone

Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

Advertising Writers/Business Editors/Technology Writers

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 6, 2008--Ad Infuse, a leader in delivering highly personalized mobile advertising experiences, today announced a new mobile advertising unit designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. The new solution enables brands to uniquely reach the millions of iPhone subscribers in the US and Europe, bringing together video and browsing formats for the first time. The company introduced the new product to meet the growing demand from top brands and premium publishers for a more visual, rich multi-media experience that can leverage the unique mobile web capabilities of the iPhone.

The new ad unit is already in production with several early advertiser and publisher partners, with global availability later this month. Ad Infuse’ s platform will now automatically recognize the iPhone, and deliver advertisements optimized specifically for that device. The multi-format capability enables advertisers to gain broader reach with their target audience, delivering presence in more areas where subscribers are spending time on the mobile device. Publishers are now able to open up more of their content for more compelling multi-format campaigns, ultimately gaining from higher revenue opportunities.

“The iPhone has undeniably set new benchmarks in providing a rich and dynamic user experience for the mobile Web,” said Liz Ross, President of Tribal DDB West, one of the world’ s top digital marketing agencies. “Being able to leverage its full potential, especially in video, is an exciting development for creating innovative and compelling ways to interact with consumers.”

Ad Infuse offers full flexibility through a choice of video, browsing, or integrated multi-format campaigns. Utilizing progressive downloading for video, the solution delivers the same user experience as streaming but with a much higher image quality, ensuring the best presentation of an advertiser’ s creative assets. Video ads and content are able to stretch and rotate with the phone without any interruption, delivering a seamless user experience. In addition, dynamic ad insertion allows real-time targeting, and advertisers can rotate multiple ads throughout a campaign to keep it fresh and interesting for consumers.

“Ad Infuse continues to spearhead innovation in rich media and multi-format advertising solutions,” said Brian Cowley, CEO of Ad Infuse. “As top publishers create content optimized for the iPhone and premium brands look to interact with consumers in exciting new ways, our new solution delivers exactly the kind of user experience and targeting capabilities the market is seeking.”

Since its debut in June 2007, almost four million iPhone’ s have been sold worldwide according to Apple. And the user experience is drawing more users to the mobile web. In a recent study by M:Metrics, almost 90 percent of iPhone owners try to access the mobile web, compared to 10 percent of regular cell-phone users.

About Ad Infuse

Ad Infuse is leading the industry in personalized mobile advertising solutions. With a technology platform that delivers relevant advertising experiences targeted to each mobile subscriber, Ad Infuse is replacing mass communications with a direct, brand-to-consumer relationship. Uniting carriers, brands, content providers and consumers, Ad Infuse is creating a marketplace for mainstream mobile media consumption. For carriers, Ad Infuse offers an ad-serving technology solution architected to protect consumer privacy and to deliver a blend of ad-supported and subscription-based premium content. For brands, Ad Infuse redefines advertising with truly dynamic ad insertion, allowing marketers to personalize their message and build a direct, high-impact relationship with the consumer. For content providers, Ad Infuse offers a path to mobile syndication supported by a balanced combination of subscription and ad-supported revenue. For consumers, Ad Infuse reveals all the possibilities that the mobile Web has to offer -- from intriguing user-generated content and games, to the latest in news stories and pop culture videos.

For more information about Ad Infuse, please visit or call 415.315.3400.

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MindBranch: "Asian Americans Online" by eMarketer February 2008

MindBranch: "Asian Americans Online" by eMarketer February 2008

M2 PressWIRE via NewsEdge Corporation :


Asian Americans are a prime target for online marketers. As a group, they are Internet savvy and have high levels of disposable income. In 2007, there were 11 million Asian Americans online, and eMarketer projects that number will grow to nearly 14 million by 2011.

The Asian Americans Online report examines the behavior patterns of this educated, affluent and rapidly growing segment of Internet users.

US advertisers have long thought of the Asian-American market as complex and difficult to reach. Asian Americans are from a wide range of original nationalities, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Filipino, and they are further divided subcultures and language.

Some marketers take a fragmented approach and target each subculture separately. Others view Asian Americans as a single entity that will respond to a one-size-fits-all message.

But which strategy works best online?

Key questions the 'Asian Americans Online' report answers:

How many Asian Americans are online?

What trends affect Asian-American media consumption?

What do Asian Americans do online? Are Asian Americans online buyers, or just shoppers?

What are Asian-American attitudes toward advertising? And many others

eMarketer Reports-On Target and Up to Date

The Asian Americans Online report aggregates the latest data from marketing and communications researchers with eMarketer analysis to provide the information you need to make smart, accurate business decisions.

For full report details visit:

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eMedTV Offers Nearly 3,000 Embeddable Health Education Videos for Free

eMedTV Offers Nearly 3,000 Embeddable Health Education Videos for Free

Market Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

SEATTLE, WA, February 13 / MARKET WIRE/ --

eMedTV (, a health information Web site that strives to empower its users with reliable and easy-to-understand medical information, today announced that nearly 3,000 of its health education videos can now be embedded on anyone's Web site -- free of charge.

Since eMedTV launched the Web's largest library of original health education videos last year, its award-winning content has received positive response from patients and healthcare providers alike. In fact, after seeing the breadth and depth of eMedTV's professional video library, some health sites have even asked if they could license the videos.

However, Dr. Art Schoenstadt, MD, founder and president of eMedTV, wasn't interested in selling his site's content, which has taken years to create.

"While practicing medicine, I personally saw how difficult it was for patients to make informed healthcare decisions," Schoenstadt said. "The lack of health literacy in this country is a serious problem, and that's why I created eMedTV -- to ensure that health information is both easy to understand and more accessible to the public. Plus, by offering this new embeddable feature for free, even more patients can now find the health information they truly need."

Only about 36 percent of America's adults have a basic or below basic health literacy, according to the U.S. Department of Education's National Assessment of Adult Literacy from 2003. Plus, the expense associated with low health literacy to the U.S. economy is staggering: $106 billion to $238 billion annually, according to a 2007 analysis.

"At eMedTV, we have a solution that tackles health illiteracy head on," Schoenstadt said. "In fact, studies show that interactive video-based technology improves both patient understanding and adherence."

Any Web site can now post eMedTV's videos for free -- no licensing fees are required. Similar to the embeddable feature provided by, users can simply find a video on eMedTV and copy the provided code for use on their own Web site. The tool is especially helpful for physicians and other healthcare providers, who can embed the videos on their own Web sites as future reference for their patients.

eMedTV's vast library of multimedia content has been used by the National Institutes of Health, as well as top medical centers within the United States and overseas. In addition, each of eMedTV's original videos and articles are produced by health, fitness and medical experts.

"Join us by making high-quality, video-based healthcare information available to as many people worldwide as possible," Schoenstadt said. "We all benefit from teaching patients how they can improve their health -- and their lives."

About eMedTV:

eMedTV is the only health information Web site that combines straight talk from medical experts with the Web's largest library of original health education videos.

eMedTV provides consumers with thousands of short videos and articles designed to quickly and easily educate them about a wide variety of diseases, treatments and procedures. The site's award-winning original content has been used by the National Institutes of Health and top medical centers both within the United States and overseas.

eMedTV is health information brought to life, online at:

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