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Friday, January 22, 2010

Please Show Your Support the #FDASM Movement and Vote for @skypen in the Shorty Awards

I would love your vote, but not unconditionally. If you have found that the Website we have created, FDASM.COM, has been helpful, and if you feel that we have effectively leveraged twitter in an innovative and valuable way, then please take 5 seconds (literally) to vote for me, @skypen, in the Shorty Awards. This would mean a lot to me. Thank you.


What are the Shorty Awards?

The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter. These unique awards are for the Twitter community, by the Twitter community. Online voting is public and democratic, culminating in an awards ceremony that recognizes the winners in 27 official categories as well as those in brand new crowd-sourced ones. Learn more here.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Avatar, a blockbuster in more ways than one

My prediction: Avatar will become the highest grossing film in history in under 40 days of release (current record = Titanic w/ $1.84B -- and that's after it's complete theatrical run!).  This would mean grossing another $160M in the next 6 days, no small feat even for a new-release summer blockbuster.  No matter how you look at it, it's a phenomenon. Now I don't think it's "best picture" material by Academy standards, but if for some reason it wins the top honor in the Oscars (as it did in the Golden Globes), we could be looking at a $2.5 billion movie.  And that's just the beginning.  There will be an additional plethora of revenue streams that will be created following the theatrical release:  DVD, games, toys, sequels, comic books, TV series, cartoons, etc, etc... This is not just a movie, this is an entire industry that will end up creating jobs for thousands of people worldwide for years to come.  Regardless of whether you liked the movie, you really have pause and consider just how transformative and impactful a single product can be.  Beyond the dollars it will rake and people this franchise will employee, think of the "collateral" impact this is likely to have have on 3D TV, iMAX movies, and a whole new class of technologies (hardware and software) that make this all possible.  And to think, it all started with an idea.  Someone, somewhere (in this case, James Cameron), said "what if... ?"  Yeah, sometimes you just gotta pause.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ortho-McNeil's "New" Levaquin iPhone/iTouch Pneumonia Management Application

Every week Ignite's Strategy & Insights team presents findings internally from their latest digital landscape surveillance (a service we in turn offer to our clients known as "Health E.S.P." -- part of our Electronic Surveillance Project). This week I was delighted (and surprised) when I was shown a Levaquin-branded "'Pneumonia Management" application for the iphone/itouch. Delighted, because I always love it when this industry "innovates". Surprised, because I had not heard a single peep about it from the pharma twitterati -- remarkable considering it was released in the iTunes App store September 27, 2009. In fact, the application is so "under-the-radar" that it isn't even listed on Jonathan Richman's well-curated and comprehensive Social Media Wiki -- which means, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't really exist :)

Seriously, though. It does exist and besides being in the iTunes app store it's also on, a Website created by PriCara for US healthcare professionals. (Note: PriCara is a division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the same folks who brought us the "Black Bag" iphone app).

On first glance (looking at the screenshots), the app looks really well-designed, intuitive, interactive, and useful -- especially for its intended audiences (emergency medicine, infectious disease specialists, intensivists, etc.). However, I have yet to download it and give it a spin. And frankly, even if I did, I am not sure I would be the right person to to properly evaluate the content/utility of this tool. However, I am sure there are many of you that will, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I would like to thank Ross Fetterolf (Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Channel Innovation at Ignite Health) for bringing this app to my attention. You can follow him on twitter @digitalbulldog.
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The Plight of the Health Actist, a Response

Amy K wrote a great post about "The Plight of the Health Activist". In her post she expresses frustration about the sheer volume of information that today's consumer needs to process, and asks for people's suggestions or advice in terms of how best to manage it. If you have suggestions, feel free to share it with Amy on her blog.

Here is my response, which I also posted in the comments section of her blog:

# # #


Like you said, the frustrations you express are not just those of the health activist, but represent those felt by many who have fully embraced today's technologies for the purpose of seeking, organizing, and understanding information (health-related or otherwise). While it's both a blessing and a curse, it's also an opportunity -- an opportunity to pause (and breathe), like you have, and ask the simple question: "What am I really trying to do here?".

I totally get your frustration. While the problem can be stressful enough just based on information that is delivered to you (via RSS feeds, tweets, e-newsletters, etc), I exacerbate the problem even more by seeking it out! In one moment I find myself hopping from engadget to mashable trying to keep up with the latest gadget and technology news, then suddenly I am slipping down the proverbial "Tube Trail" of Augmented Reality videos! (“Tube Trail” is what I call it when I start watching videos on YouTube, and start clicking on "related videos", and before I know it, hours have passed and I feel like I've been in some kind of hypnotic tube-trance. Know the feeling?).

Because we are not just an "employee" or a "patient" or a "friend", we often find that we have so many different information desires and needs, and each of these can pull is in a different direction, at the same time. Sometimes we end up feeling like our brains are literally being jerked apart. And even if we can find the information we are looking for, then what? What do we do with it? How do we organize it? Who do we share it with? How do we validate and process it? I liken it to being in a batting cage and having all these balls being pitched at me – and I have a split-second to make a decision of either letting it pass or hitting it in some direction -- where hopefully it reaches someone that it matters to. So what, you ask, can we do to deal with all this?

I have no “silver bullet” answer, but I have some thoughts and ideas, most of which I have yet to fully adopt myself. First of all, I try as much as possible to keep a short-list of key information sources that I can draw from – sources which I regularly review and rely on to be up-to-date, relevant, and accurate. In my tweetdeck, these are my "groups". In a browser, these are my "bookmarks". I rely on approximately a dozen key information sources in any one category to deliver 95% of what I need.

In addition, I also try and artificially compartmentalize my day in such a way that I don’t hop between different categories of sources within the same time slot – meaning, if I am doing research on the latest blogs and news regarding Social Media and its use in Pharma, I try not to jump over to Ad Age or Media Week to see what’s happening in the marketing/advertising world.

But like you said, in an "RSS" world we don't necessarily always control information inflow. In fact, it's more the rule than the exception that information comes to us that, at the exact given moment we receive it, is not relevant to us -- and easily threatens to de-rail our mental focus. In such cases, I have made it a habit to “tag it and bag it”. To help with this, for example, I keep a Google spreadsheet where I simply cut and paste headlines and links that I plan to visit later. Another tool I am just starting to use in Twitter is the “favorite” button, not because I necessarily like a story, but because I know that once a day I have reliable place that I can return to where I can review what I have put aside for later consumption.

In addition, I use technology tools to help me. For example, I often use Blogger as a way to simply capture news and articles because Google indexes it and I can quickly search for it later. I also have been using a tool called Twittinesis to help me keep track of my daily tweets. It automatically publishes my day’s tweets into my blog so at any time I can go back and review what I’ve sent out, and perhaps dive deeper if necessary. In addition, because it’s now on my blog, I can also user the Blog Search function to find it easily (keep in mind, Twitter Search only archives a couple of month’s worth of tweets, and then they are deleted. So this is a helpful way to have a publicly indexed record of your tweets).

Also, probably like you, I download dozens of (possibly) interesting reports every day, but I often don’t have time to read them. And like many of us, if I don’t read it within 24 hours it’s likely that I will forget that I have even downloaded the report. To deal with this, I put all downloads in a folder on my local hard drive and then let Google Desktop work its magic. Even if I completely forget about the report, whenever I am doing research I will always search both my desktop and the web via Google – and all the articles I have saved are now part of my entire library, without requiring me to organize them in folders, tag them, make notes, etc…

Like I said, it’s not really just one solution that helps me, but a combination of discipline, focus, and technology that allows me to avoid information overload. The biggest challenge, frankly, is the discipline. If you are an information junkie like me, it’s very easy to find yourself consuming an inordinate amount of information on an hourly basis. Frankly, as wonderful as our brains might be, I really don’t think they were designed to be effective data managers. Yes, the information gets stored somewhere in there (I think!), but retrieving it at the right time seems like an impossible task (#brainfail). So the key to me becomes (a) being focused on what we are looking for; (b) becoming very fast at extracting the necessary details; (c) developing mental shortcuts and systems to process the information so it doesn’t sit in our heads; and then (d) leveraging technology to help store, organize, and index the information for future retrieval.

That last piece is really important. At any given moment, our brain has a way of deciding what’s important based on a specific set of very “local” and “time-sensitive” variables. That automatic filtering process enables us to sift through large volumes of information and quickly decide what’s relevant and discard or ignore the rest. However, that information we are “discarding” might still be valuable, just not at that given moment. So I find it critical to find ways to have 10% of my brain peripherally-focused, looking for keywords that enable me to quickly flag a possible piece of information, and then quickly dump it somewhere that I know is intended for that purpose.

I can’t stress enough how much leveraging Google’s phenomenal indexing capabilities can take away a lot of the mental burden – whether it’s indexing folders and files on your desktop, your blog (public facing or private), or your own set of Google docs, spreadsheets, and presentations.
To be honest, many of these principles were applied in the development of At the beginning, I just wanted to have a single place to follow the twitter stream based on the hashtag #fdasm. From there, it grew to becoming a place to help organize news, articles, presentations, and other important information that was being generated from multiple sources at an incredibly rapid rate. I believe the popularity of the initiative highlights that we are all dealing with information overload, so anything that helps remove the burden of finding, organizing, and remembering large quantities of data can be of huge value.

Anyway, I am not sure that is helpful, but if nothing else, I hope you hear me loud and clear when I say that what you are experiencing, while very frustrating, is actually quite common and I share every ounce of your pain. But more importantly, I applaud you for bringing this issue up, as it once again reminds us all that we need to continue the quest to reduce mental clutter while at the same time enjoying the wonderful adventure of learning.

Fabio Gratton (@skypen)
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Monday, January 18, 2010

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  • 11:33:59: @mashable: Nexus One CRUSHES the iPhone 3GS in Reader Vote
  • 11:36:35: Nintendo systems shatter records"
  • 11:45:10: @ivanpacheco - HAHA. But despite Wii's commanding lead on consoles, they did not have top 09 game:
  • 11:49:37: Oh WOW. Listen to this children's choir version of Jay-Z/Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind"
  • 11:50:34: @aplusk - you should check out this children's choir version of Jay-Z/Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind"
  • 12:06:00: @ivanpacheco - Since i was born! Atari, intellivision, gameboy, sega, ninentendo 64, dreamcast, ps2, ds, wii, xbox, ps3.. I've had them all!
  • 12:07:05: @ivanpacheco - BTW, kind words abt the "king" thing, but a bit over-stated ;)
  • 14:15:14: "Avatar" passes "Star Wars" with $491.8M in US (AP)
  • 14:45:22: RT @HealthSocMed: #hcsm History - one Tweet at a time: Join the birthday chat/talk tonight at 8pm EST. ...
  • 15:02:47: Alyssa Milano issues a "Tweet Challenge" to help Haiti: "Will A Corporation Match My $50,000 Donation?":
  • 15:05:15: RT @Alyssa_Milano: ★TWEET CHALLENGE★ I just donated $50,000 to UNICEF for #Haiti relief. Which corporation will match my donation?
  • 15:14:00: Sunday grin (I think): "God's control panel":
  • 15:21:13: Prepping 4 week of torrential downpour in so. Cal. God: We are grateful b/c of water shortage; however, kindly request no more disasters.
  • 15:50:02: @MichaelHyatt re: "Linchpin". A good review, with links to other reviews on this yet-published book:
  • 15:51:47: Presidents Clinton & Bush issue a CALL TO ACTION: Join the relief efforts of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund: (@BarackObama)
  • 15:54:58: Help Haiti. Donate $10 now. Text HAITI to 90999, or Text QUAKE to 20222. #helphaiti #haitirelieffund
  • 16:36:57: :) RT @LadyNorelco BRNG ON THE RAIN So Cal. This chick prepped. Pantry stocked, slopes sandbagged, wine restocked, man in town. Let it rain!
  • 16:42:02: It's astounding that we can't do more to save lives... "Haitians pray, cry for help in the ruins"
  • 16:48:45: Having one of those days. Important work to do, but brain "blue-screening". Ctrl-Alt-Del-pray.
  • 16:52:17: Interview w/makers of Documentary 'Fit to Print', chronicle of the decline of newspaper industry (via @Amadeus3000)
  • 16:55:33: [VIDEO] "The Future of the Social Web", presentation to US Department of Defense's Joint Public Affairs Working Group:
  • 16:58:45: [How did I miss this?] Health & Human Services YouTube video contest to create flu prevention PSA:
  • 17:07:06: Consumer Generated Media: Two Minutes on Social Media With MC Hammer [VIDEO]
  • 17:10:15: @MeredithGould - your book "Deliberate Acts of Kindness" looks like a terrific book. Going to order it!
  • 17:11:59: @shwen re: Chargers ?!?! ... seriously!
  • 17:14:01: Apple vs. Google: How the battle between Silicon Valley's superstars will shape the future of mobile: (@guykawaskai)
  • 17:20:50: blog post by @cubanalaf: "Survival of the Fittest: The Media Ecosystem":
  • 17:24:53: @MeredithGould - everyone must do their part. Whatever that is. You did yours by writing the book! Thank you.
  • 17:28:55: And match Alyssa's donation! RT @Alyssa_Milano: Help the kids of #Haiti. Text “UNICEF” to 20222 to make a $10 donation to @unicefusa
  • 17:30:54: RT @aplusk: Donate to the UN Emergency Response efforts to provide lifesaving help to Haiti
  • 17:30:58: RT @aplusk: Help the UN help #Haiti earthquake victims now. Text CERF to 90999 to give $5 up to 5times. Read terms @
  • 17:32:07: RT @TheEllenShow: First help to Haiti has landed. America has already raised $3 million. Keep the help coming! Donate $10 to Red Cross. ...
  • 17:33:17: RT @RyanSeacrest: If u haven't see this yet, easy to help.  Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in Haiti.
  • 17:33:51: RT @PaulaAbdul: If you haven't see this yet, its easy to help. Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in Haiti
  • 17:43:41: RT @shakira: "The people of Haiti need our help immediately" - a message from Shakira ShakiraHQ
  • 17:43:52: RT @shakira: "La Gente de Haití Necesita de Nuestra Ayuda Inmediata" - lea el mensaje de Shakira - - ShakiraHQ
  • 17:45:04: RT @RedHourBen: If you want to DONATE to HAITI EARTHQUAKE RELIEF:
  • 17:46:11: RT @jessicaalba: RT @jamiepatricof: RT @AliAdler: I just texted HAITI to 90999. Did you? Please retweet.
  • 17:50:58: RT @shakira "La Gente de Haití Necesita de Nuestra Ayuda Inmediata" - lea el mensaje de Shakira - - ShakiraHQ
  • 17:51:21: RT @PaulaAbdul If you haven't see this yet, its easy to help. Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in Haiti
  • 17:51:37: RT @RyanSeacrest If u haven't see this yet, easy to help. Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in Haiti.
  • 17:52:04: RT @TheEllenShow America has already raised $3 million. Keep the help coming! Donate $10 to Red Cross. Text HAITI to 90999
  • 17:52:27: RT @aplusk Donate to the UN Emergency Response efforts to provide lifesaving help to Haiti
  • 17:56:51: There go the Chargers.
  • 18:05:45: Fabio Gratton, Chief Innovation Officer of Ignite Health, can only hang for an hour but thrilled to listen. Thank you! #hcsm
  • 18:08:56: Volunteers Collaborate on Tech Projects to Help Relief Efforts in Haiti:
  • 18:11:53: @sixuntilme - weird in a "good" or "bad" way?
  • 18:13:50: @jonmrich Cool, just did that. Thanks! #hcsm
  • 18:14:50: @sixuntilme - on mobile or desktop? I would figure you would be using tweetdeck.
  • 18:18:10: @sixuntilme - haha. you are a hardcore tweeter then :) I use Seesmic on droid, will check out new version for desktop.
  • 18:22:20: RT @MeredithGould: "social media and this kind of technology can bring back the human element in healthcare" says @macobgyn. Bravo! #hcsm
  • 18:25:34: #HCSM live chat: @KristineKraft : "patients could expect time, attention, answers..."
  • 18:31:02: #HCSM: @KristineKraft "We don't know how to DO health..." Hmmm. Need to understand that statement better before I agree.
  • 18:34:16: @DaphneLeigh -most importantly, thank you for spelling the twitter handle correctly for @christinekraft... the OTHER handle made no sense :)
  • 18:38:46: Yes, I would agree. RT @netnutmike Never a good sign when there is a helicopter sitting on the highway in front of you.
  • 18:40:17: #hcsm Will healthcare reform make the "pay as you go" model obsolete, or more prevalent?
  • 18:40:47: #hcsm Assuming, of course, that it goes toward obamacare.
  • 18:44:14: RT @ChristineKraft: Clarifying my comment "Patients don't DO health"; suggesting we LEARN how to participate in health. Not automatic. #hcsm
  • 18:44:47: Thanks for clarifying! :) RT @ChristineKraft: Maybe better way to state it is: Health is developmental #hcsm ... Thanks!
  • 18:45:48: @leonpalmer re: "dummies guide"; if there isn't, I volunteer myself as the test Dummy for the testing the concepts! :)
  • 18:48:16: ONE MINUTE OF SILENCE FOR HAITI - GLOBALLY 1800 GMT, 1pm EST, Monday, see @ Pls RT (via @timlw1959)
  • 18:49:20: @MeredithGould I figured -- that's what makes podcasts + twitter challenging sometime. A 5 second back-n-forth wld quickly clarify!
  • 18:50:33: @sixuntilme - Aha! I use ubertwitter on blackberry, seismic on droid, tweetdeck on itouch and desktop... so far, tweetdeck generally wins.
  • 18:51:18: @sixuntilme - I am super nerd too, but I don't tweet with enough frequency to run out of APIs :)
  • 18:52:39: In case you weren't doing this already, you could follow #hcsm on TweetChat here:
  • 18:53:37: #hcsm static? Either I hear aliens, or my late gramma is trying to say hello to me right now... anyone else?
  • 19:13:00: need to go mobile - want to keep listening to #hcsm - anyone know if there's an app for droid or iphone for blogtalkradio?
  • 19:20:33: @HealthSocMed - thank you - switched to itouch (with mifi connection), now plugging into car speakers :)
  • 22:18:14: "The time is always right to do what is right." - MLK, Jr. (@craignewmark @rkref @coffeesister)
  • 22:24:53: re: Animation / Golden Globes: this year there truly was diversity: Up, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline ... all very diff, all very creative!
  • 22:52:06: Brilliant! RT @marina81: Annie needs a home! #TwitterACritter & save a pet with a single tweet
  • 22:55:04: CASPER needs a home! #TwitterACritter & save a pet with a single tweet
  • 22:57:08: ROMEO needs a home! #TwitterACritter & save a pet with a single tweet
  • 22:59:45: RT @MarkHarmel: txt-2-donate program has raised $9 over million 4 Haiti. The need will continue longer than the coverage
  • 23:00:33: @marina81 - mine was too, and I totally get thi sneed. Just tweeted 2 cute dogs to my peeps. Hope it helps. so sad. :(
  • 23:09:33: @A_Mack011 what diabetes community are you a member of?
  • 23:19:18: Terrific community with an amazing host. *Many* great caretakers in there and out here. :)
  • 23:23:39: @stales- thank you for this; just added to it.
  • 23:24:11: @stales- oops. was referring to your hashtag link from wegohealth. :)
  • 23:26:01: Social Marketing Panorama: Is Social Marketing Right for Haiti, Right Now? (via @nedra) I know my POV, what's yours?

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

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