Monday, November 22, 2010

ePharma Tweets of the Week: 11-22-2010

Deluged by information overload? Quickly scan this useful list of the weeks most informative tweets ending in 11/22 to stay on the pulse.

Compiled by: Jeremy Franz, Digital Strategy Coordinator at Ignite Health (@eHealthStrat)

Fortune 500 Social Media Use: Twitter Overtakes Facebook (via @L2_Pharma)

The use of Twitter among the nation's largest corporations has nearly doubled. Among the F500 that use Twitter, 35% of companies (103) consistently respond with @replies or retweets within 72 hours, and many do so more often.

The Future of Advertising: Advertising is on the cusp of its first creative revolution since the 1960s (via @fastcompany)

Fast Company explores the tumultuous state of advertising stating, “While there have never been more ways to reach consumers, it’s has never been harder to connect with consumers.”

The future of advertising is... #adfuture (via @fastcompany)

Fast Company added a challenge to the end of their widely popular feature article "The Future of Advertising." The result: an outstanding integration between a news source and social media.

More Americans Accessing Internet And Social Media For Medical Advice (via @L2_Pharma)
More than two-thirds (68%) of Americans go online for health information, and just 11 percent access a pharmaceutical company's website to find information about a medical condition compared the majority (92%) who access other online resources more frequently.

Survey: Average Health-Insurance Deductible is Now $1,200 (via @WSJHealthBlog)
In the past five years, the average health-insurance deductible for PPOs has increased from $770 to $1200. How might this affect patient behavior?

Report: Market opportunity for mobile apps in healthcare enterprise is $100M now, $1.7B by 2014 (via @mobilehealth)

"Currently 63% of physicians are using an mHealth App in the enterprise, however, the majority of these are clinical reference Apps with no tie-in to an enterprise's healthcare information systems." Much of the future value of mHealth apps in healthcare enterprise is the ability for it to improve operational efficiencies and quality of care delivered.

Epocrates buys Modality for $13.8 million in cash, plans iPad app (via @mobilehealth)

"WebMD’s Medscape app is the number one ranked medical reference app for healthcare professionals, followed by Epocrates Essentials. Will Modality’s expertise and relationships with the major medical publishers help push Epocrates to the top spot?"

Reactions to the mHealth 2010 summit: (via @SpitzStrategy)

Brian Dolan provides a quick recap highlighting some of the more interesting commentary from the event.

Gaming blurs with health via Microsoft Kinect platform: (via @mickelberg)

Kinect's natural user interface opens offers tremendous potential to the health world. Chris Niehaus offers a wide variety of applications for this groundbreaking technology.

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