Sunday, July 13, 2008

Digital Divide Narrows: Two-Thirds of African Americans Online

Digital Divide Narrows: Two-Thirds of African Americans Online

(Source: MarketingVOX)

The digital divide between Black Americans and other American groups has
narrowed. 68 percent of African Americans report they are online
(compared with 71 percent of all Americans), according to a survey by
Yankelovich, sponsored by Radio One Inc, MarketingCharts reports.

Among Black teens, the number of digitally connected is even higher,
with 90 percent reporting they are online. Of all Black Americans,
two-thirds shop online. Blacks who live in the south are least likely to
be online (63 percent).

These findings are part of the "Black America Survey" of 3,400 African
Americans age 13 to 74.

The large-scale study finds strong group identity among Blacks across
age and income brackets but also reveals differences in segments among
Blacks that should preclude marketers from approaching Black America as
a monolithic group.

The study also shows...

* Blacks are divided evenly on how they liked to be
described, with 42 percent (who are more likely to be affluent)
preferring to be called "Black" and 44 percent preferring "African

* 70 percent say they have a plan for their future, 54
percent say they are optimistic about their future and 60 percent say
"things are getting better for me."

Relationship with Black media:

* 84 percent of households have cable and 81 percent watch
Black TV channels weekly.

* 87 percent listen to radio in a typical week (only 16
percent listen to satellite radio).

* 64 percent watch news or read news magazines and 50
percent watch court shows (compared with 41 percent for sports and 46
percent for entertainment).

* Only 29 percent agree that the mainstream media portrays
Blacks in a positive light, compared with 50 percent who do not relate
to the way Blacks are portrayed on most Black TV shows.

* 40 percent think Black TV is reinforcing a negative
stereotype of Blacks.

MarketingCharts has more findings from the study:

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