Monday, November 08, 2010

Tweets of the Week 11-8-2010

Deluged by information overload? Quickly scan this useful list of Ignite Health’s most informative tweets of the week ending in 11/8 to stay on the pulse.

Compiled by: Jeremy Franz, Digital Strategy Coordinator at Ignite Health (@eHealthStrat)

U.S. awards $1 billion worth of small grants to some 3,000 biotech companies - Reuters (via @BreakingNews)

2,923 companies with fewer than 250 employees will receive grants to boost research and support jobs. This funding comes from the healthcare reform bill passed into law in March.

Why Location Apps of the Future Will Do Much More Than Checkins: (via @mashablemobile)

Location Labs' "location-as-a-service" is enabling developers to incorporate much more sophisticated location based apps. Check out for a video explaining the different types of geolocation.

If you haven't seen it yet, check in to the latest @PewResearch report on geolocation: (via @SpitzStrategy)

The first report on the use of "geosocial" or location-based service. Results show 4% of online Americans currently use location-based services.

Arithmetic of Collaboration - How it applies to big #pharma (via @HarvardBiz)

An industry in the midst of consolidation and acquisitions, Pharma must create value through its new partnerships. This article focuses on the four rungs of the "collaboration ladder" that can lead to successful partnerships.

Asia as the New Kid on the Pharma Block and Why Multinationals Should be Scared (via @FastCompany)

The global pharmaceutical industry has its eye on Asia. The question is whether it will be a collaborative effort or multinational vs local competition.

Will patients embrace Health 2.0? (via @kevinmd)

In response to a painfully honest observation about the general patient population, Susannah Fox discusses her reasoning and motivation to empower patients to better health.

Paitent Benefits & Potential Risks of Health 2.0 (Diabetes) (via @richmeyer)

Rich Meyer discusses the pros and cons of patient communities on social networks.

Ck out the new TweetPharm Pharma Twitter Tool! (via @WendyBlackburn) | Blog:

A real-time aggregator that tracks pharmaceutical companies' use of Twitter. The major plus is integrating a design of an easy-to-read, sort-able dashboard and interactive "visualizer."

5 Big Brands That Are Rocking the Social Media Space (via @Mashable)

Mashable's take on who boasts the best corporate social media strategy. An emphasis was placed on engagement, innovation and longevity in the social space.

Funny. What Your Phone Says About You [Graphic] (via @skypen)

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