Friday, September 21, 2007 (beta) Debuts at Health 2.0 Conference

Today I happened to be in San Francisco for some client meetings at the same time the Health 2.0 conference ( was taking place -- which I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to attend.  However, I was invited to "crash" their cocktail party where I spoke to several of my peers who informed me that the conference was quite inspiring, and they actually learned about a whole slew of start-ups that have all set their sights on transforming the healthcare sector.
One particular company that several people mentioned to me was "" (, a "YouTUBE" of Healthcare, if you will.  I have not had sufficient time to really understand what they are all about, but from the 5 minutes I have spent on their site I have to say that I really like what they are trying to do. 
In addition, they have recorded and posted various sessions from the conference on their site (thank you very much ICYOU!):
In addition to hundreds of videos on almost every condition you can imagine, their site features videos related to "Healthcare Finance" and "Healthcare Politics".  The site also provides useful interactive functionality like "share your story", "send", "comment", and "add to my favorites". 
The site is created by "Benefit Focus" (, that, according to their Website, "provides software and services that put people in touch with their health and healthcare. Our solutions are for health plans, employers, insurance brokers, and individuals. Anyone that needs better healthcare information." 
While I am not sure where they are headed or what exactly their business model will be, I am thrilled that someone is capitalizing on the online video revolution to educate consumers and improve the state of our healthcare system.
[Below is an excerpt from their Website]
About, an innovative video Web site on healthcare, aims to empower you to make more informed decisions about your health. Our team of producers, reporters, graphic artists and expert healthcare consultants are creating high fidelity medical content to explain healthcare beyond text.
Everyday families are thrust into new medical situations they don't choose. A simple trip to the doctor can set into motion a landslide of questions.
We want people to come to
  • To share their story
  • When they are facing a medical procedure
  • To understand a diagnosis
  • To comprehend their medical expenses and bills
  • To hear from industry experts & everyday people
  • This on-line video library and healthcare community is a place to share your medical story, good or bad. Tell others what you did and what you wish you would have done.
icyou is a Benefitfocus company. Benefitfocus is the leader in software and services for the healthcare benefits market. By developing leading technology solutions, Benefitfocus allows consumers, employers and benefit providers to manage complex decisions in an ever-changing healthcare environment.
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

About three-quarters of online consumers watch Web video

About three-quarters of online consumers watch Web video

Online video seems to be a great way to reach mass online audiences. Nearly 75% of U.S. Internet users watched an average of three hours of online video during July, according to the latest figures from comScore Video Metrix. During that month, Americans watched more than 9 billion videos online. Google Sites ranked as the top U.S. video property with a 27% share of videos viewed. That's almost 2.5 billion videos, and 2.4 billion of them were on Yahoo! Sites ranked second with 390 million (4.3%). Google Sites also captured the largest online video audience with 67.8 million unique viewers, followed by Fox Interactive Media with 35.8 million, and Yahoo! Sites with 35.3 million. Click the supporting link below to read more online video stats.

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e-Healthcare Solutions to provide pharma ad opps on

e-Healthcare Solutions to provide pharma ad opps on

Online healthcare ad network e-Healthcare Solutions has entered an exclusive deal to provide advertising to, the Web site from American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Through the agreement, e-Healthcare Solutions will offer advertising to its pharmaceutical, healthcare, and other advertisers and their agencies. "The addition of advertising on the AAFP's Web site allows pharmaceutical DTC marketers to efficiently reach specific patient populations on the highly credible content of the AAFP," R.J. Lewis, president and CEO of e-Healthcare Solutions, tells ePharm5. He adds that the advertising opportunity allows pharmaceutical marketers to associate their brand with the AAFP and while patients are using the site to help their decision making.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iPhone puts consumers' health records in the palm of hand

iPhone puts consumers' health records in the palm of hand

Employee Benefit News via NewsEdge Corporation :

Philosophers say a new idea is simply two old ideas finally meeting up. Now consumers and physicians, especially those who embrace health information technology, can see this aphorism in the form of electronic medical records on iPhone.

New Mexico-based Life Record, a provider of electronic medical record applications, has teamed up with software and computer giant Apple, Inc. to provide electronic medical records on the iPhone.

The iPhone - the much buzzed-about lightweight handheld device - combines a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and an Internet browser into one gadget. Users can retrieve digital information, such as e-mails and online maps, at a touch of a finger.

The idea of downloading songs from iTunes while checking on the status of prescriptions and reviewing X-rays is the brainchild of Michael Pike, chief software architect and founder of Life Record.


Bridging consumerism gaps with health IT

So far, physicians are primarily using the technology. "We do have a product coming out in the next couple of months for regular consumers to manage their health records on the iPhone," says Pike. "Consumers need a different interface than physicians." Meanwhile, progressive employers embracing health IT may want to purchase health plans that contract with doctors using the system. Electronic medical records are believed to lower health care costs by reducing medical errors and duplications in care.

With Life Record, a user's iPhone accesses a company's computer server or the server at physician office that uses the company EMR's applications. Through the iPhone, doctors are able to review any part of the patient's record they desire. This includes insurance cards, history of visits, X-rays and echocardiograms.

The images are in high resolution, and the device has a zoom in function. Further, physicians can create patient notes and write prescriptions on the iPhone, which go through the Life Record system to the pharmacy.

Practicing mobile medicine

Neurosurgeon Robert J. Singer, M.D. at the Tennessee Brain and Spine, PLC, owns an iPhone and uses the Life Record EMR system. "I will take all of my patients' images from the clinic and hospitals and make movies and jpegs and embed them into the Life Record system. I can hook into my EMR anywhere via my iPhone and pull up data," he explains.

The device comes in handy when Singer goes to the operating room to prepare for surgery, allowing him to review notes and images about upcoming procedures.

"It does a good job in helping me to prep for cases," he says. "In addition, if I am out in the middle of nowhere, and I need to access my images, text, lab results, records and notes, I use the iPhone to get that information."

Singer believes the technology will evolve in the next couple of years. "The integration of a health data bank, where people can go online and get their medical information, as physicians can do, is really the right solution, he comments.

On the patient side, some individuals are more vigilant about their medical information than others. These patients typically tend to be the ones with the most medical problems and chronic conditions.

"Definitely, there's a subset of patients out there that would be very interested in keeping, managing and having access to there health information in the palm of their hands," Singer comments.

In theory, the health record is "owned" by the patient. Yet Singer believes the current system is too fragmented for this to be the case. "We really don't have a longitudinal solution to the electronic health record," he adds.

Consequently, health care delivery from a physician's standpoint is difficult, and from a patient's standpoint it can be a nightmare in terms of convenience and availability of medical information.

A longitudinal health database that can be accessed securely is clearly the right solution; it hard to argue against that, Singer explains. "It's just how is it going to be implemented and can it be constructed in a secured enough fashion to make everyone comfortable about where the information is archived."

YouTube, too

To bring the technology to a wider audience, Pike created a tutorial on YouTube titled "Life Record EMR on the iPhone" where he shows viewers how to use the application.

Pike says he has gotten more feedback from consumers than doctors about the YouTube video. "The iPhone has kick-started the idea that consumers can have health care information in the palm of their hand."

(c) 2007 Employee Benefit News and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

<<Employee Benefit News -- 09/18/07>>

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Elsevier provides articles on free, ad-supported oncology site

Elsevier provides articles on free, ad-supported oncology site

Elsevier has launched, a free oncology Web site that's supported by online advertising, sponsorship, and educational grants. It's aimed at more than 1 million U.S. oncologists, hematologists, oncology nurses, and other health professionals and features high-quality, scientifically based oncology and cancer care information and education. Healthcare professionals who register with the site can search and download current peer-reviewed articles from more than 100 Elsevier cancer-related journals. According to Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research, Elsevier's move makes sense, considering that physician readership of print journals has declined and doctors are increasingly heading to the Internet. "Physicians access a broad range of sources to round out their clinical knowledge base," Bard tells ePharm5. "Will this effort render WebMD and NCI obsolete? No, but it does have the potential to attract a significant audience of specialized readers that are already using those other sites today." Other features of OncologySTAT include journal and MEDLINE search, professional drug and interaction databases, news, blogs, and Webinars.

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Biotech ads aim to educate women about cancer-causing gene, test

Myriad Genetics Launches Awareness Advertising Campaign to Educate Women About Hereditary Risks of Breast and Ovarian Cancers

Market Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, September 10 / MARKET WIRE/ --

Myriad Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYGN) announced today that it has launched a comprehensive public awareness advertising campaign -- known as the BRACAnalysis® Awareness Campaign -- designed to reach women with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer, and the healthcare providers that treat them.

It is estimated that there are more than a million people in the United States with inherited genetic mutations predisposing them to an increased risk of cancer. It is estimated that fewer than 3 percent of them know it. This campaign is being initiated with the hope that women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer will contact their physicians to learn more about their risk of developing cancer and the actions they can take to reduce their risk.

"The purpose of the BRACAnalysis public awareness campaign is to save lives," said Gregory C. Critchfield, M.D., president of Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc. "The risks of breast and ovarian cancers are very high in individuals carrying mutations in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. Through a blood test, BRACAnalysis identifies high-risk women so they can take steps to reduce their risk for these cancers."

The public awareness campaign being conducted across the Northeast also includes physician education and outreach, consumer education, and public relations, while the advertising component is being conducted specifically in four areas, namely Boston, Hartford, Providence and New York City, and will continue through the spring of 2008. The company is currently focused on reaching out to women and their families in the Northeast as the region has numerous resources, including physicians, genetic counselors and other healthcare providers that are able to provide hereditary risk assessments, genetic testing and counseling services for women with a personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

The BRACAnalysis advertisements are intended to be informative, factual, positive and empowering with the goal of encouraging women to think about their family history of breast and ovarian cancers. The advertisements, which also aim to inform women that there are steps they can take to reduce their breast and ovarian cancer risks, direct women to talk to their doctor and visit  or call 1-866-BRAC-NOW for more information. Through both the Web site and toll-free number, women will be able to access general information about management of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers and will be encouraged to talk to their healthcare provider for additional information and follow-up.

Adds Critchfield, "We are committed to working with healthcare providers around the country to provide useful resources for them to offer hereditary risk assessment, counseling and genetic testing to their patients."

About Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome

According to the American Cancer Society, there are approximately 2.3 million women who have a history of breast cancer. Nearly 180,000 women will learn that they have breast cancer and more than 22,000 women will learn that they have ovarian cancer this year. Up to 10 percent of these women will have a hereditary risk factor that predisposed them to developing cancers.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two genes that normally work to prevent breast and ovarian cancer. But in some cases, a person inherits, from either parent, a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene with an alteration. This alteration or mutation interferes with the normal activity of the gene, making a person more susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer. Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer is most often associated with families that have any one of the following: breast cancer before age 50; ovarian cancer at any age; both breast and ovarian cancer; 2 primary breast cancers; male breast cancer at any age; specific ethnic groups, particularly Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry; or a previously identified BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic mutation in the family.

According to estimates, women with an altered BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene have a 56 to 87 percent risk to develop breast cancer by age 70, whereas the risk for women in the general population is only about 7 percent. Additionally, women with an altered BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene have a 27 to 44 percent risk to develop ovarian cancer by age 70, whereas the risk is less than two percent for women in the general population.

About BRACAnalysis®

BRACAnalysis® is a blood test which is sent to Myriad Genetic Laboratories where a sophisticated analysis of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene sequences is performed. The test detects alterations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes to help determine a woman's risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer and has become the standard of care in identification of individuals with HBOC syndrome. In most cases, the test is covered by insurance.

About Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Myriad Genetics, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development and marketing of novel therapeutic and molecular diagnostic products. Myriad's news and other information are available on the Company's Web site at BRACAnalysis® is a registered trademark of Myriad Genetics, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include statements relating to the launch of the Awareness Advertising Campaign; the focus, scope and duration of the campaign; the ability of the campaign to reach women with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer and the healthcare providers that treat them; and the ability of the campaign to educate women about the risks of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, our inability to further identify, develop and achieve commercial success for new products and technologies; our ability to discover drugs that are safer and more efficacious than our competitors; our ability to develop molecular diagnostic products that help assess which patients are subject to greater risk of developing diseases and who would therefore benefit from new preventive therapies; the possibility of delays in the research and development necessary to select drug development candidates and delays in clinical trials; the risk that clinical trials may not result in marketable products; the risk that we may be unable to successfully finance and secure regulatory approval of and market our drug candidates, or that clinical trials will be completed on the timelines we have estimated; uncertainties about our ability to obtain new corporate collaborations and acquire new technologies on satisfactory terms, if at all; the development of competing products and services; our ability to protect our proprietary technologies; patent-infringement claims; risks of new, changing and competitive technologies and regulations in the United States and internationally; and other factors discussed under the heading "Risk Factors" contained in Item 1A in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2006, which has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as any updates to those risk factors filed from time to time in our Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q or Current Reports on Form 8-K. All information in this press release is as of the date of the release, and Myriad undertakes no duty to update this information unless required by law.

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TiVo Announces Results of its Stop||Watch(TM) Commercial Rankings for July

TiVo Announces Results of its Stop||Watch(TM) Commercial Rankings for July:

Pharma/OTC category has highest number of least fast-forwarded ads

PR Newswire via NewsEdge Corporation

ALVISO, Calif., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- TiVo Inc. (Nasdaq: TIVO), the creator of and a leader in advertising solutions and television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced its Top Commercial Rankings for July, as viewed by TiVo subscribers.

Categories tracked using TiVo's Stop||Watch(TM) ratings service include standard "Top" lists: Top Total Viewing Commercials compared with Total Viewing of Top Programs; Timeshifted Commercials compared with Timeshifted Programs; and Least Fast-Forwarded Brand Campaigns, in addition to a special monthly analysis of interest -- comparing the Least Fast-Forwarded Brands in Primetime for several product categories for January to April and May to July.

Top 5 Least Fast-Forwarded Brands, by Product Category (broadcast networks, primetime)*:

    Motion Pictures      January 2007 - April 2007             May 2007 - July 2007         Brand                                 Brand     1. 20th Century Fox Epic              1. New Line Rush Hour 3     2. Paramount Blades of Glory          2. 20th Century Fox Fantastic Four     3. Universal Alpha Dog                3. Universal Evan Almighty     4. MGM Hannibal Rising                4. Warner Brothers License to Wed     5. Dreamworks Disturbia               5. Focus Evening       Automobiles      January 2007 - April 2007             May 2007 - July 2007         Brand                                 Brand     1. Chevrolet HHR                      1. Lincoln MKZ Leasing     2. Chevrolet Auto & Truck Various     2. Volkswagen Auto & Truck Various     3. Saturn Aura                        3. Hyundai Sonata     4. Nissan Altima Leasing              4. Hyundai Auto & Truck Various     5. Ford Fusion                        5. Ford Taurus       Soft Drinks      January 2007 - April 2007             May 2007 - July 2007         Brand                                 Brand     1. Coca-Cola Classic                  1. Accelerade     2. Red Bull                           2. Mountain Dew     3. Pepsi                              3. Seven-Up     4. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper     4. Diet Pepsi Max     5. Gatorade AM                        5. Red Bull       OTC Remedies      January 2007 - April 2007             May 2007 - July 2007        Brand                                 Brand      1. Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant      1. Off FamilyCare Smooth & Dry                                              Insect Repellent     2. Afrin No-Drip Nasal Spray          2. Excedrin Extra Strength Pain                                              Caplets     3. Aleve Pain Relief Nasal Gels       3. Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant     4. Excedrin Tension Headache          4. Claritin-D Allergy Remedy        Pain Remedies     5. Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Tablets     5. Midol Menstrual Complete Max                                              Strength Pain Reliever      * Highest ratio of commercial rating to program rating among timeshifted       viewers; min # of 20 spots. No Promos or PSAs included.  

"The standard monthly Top 10 lists of overall least fast-forwarded commercials have been extremely well received but have left many people wanting more -- so this month we take a look at a few specific product categories," said Todd Juenger, Vice President & General Manager, TiVo Audience Research & Measurement.

    --  Very rarely did a brand make the Top 5 list for both time periods.         The only brands to achieve that were Red Bull, Sudafed PE Nasal         Decongestant, the Excedrin family, the Ford family, and the 20th         Century Fox and Universal movie studios.     --  Seasonality is clearly in play.  Top movie spots are driven by         schedule of openings.  OTC remedies are driven by seasonal ailments.  

Mr. Juenger noted that these rankings should not be interpreted as a scorecard of 'who had the best commercials' and that media placement has a significant impact on fast-forwarding behavior, likely playing a larger role than the creative itself. In an effort to level the playing field, the analysis was restricted to broadcast networks in Primetime. Mr. Juenger also pointed out that brands with heaviest ad schedules are at a disadvantage because the more often spots run, the more likely the overall amount fast-forwarding regresses toward the mean.

     July -- Top Commercials v. Top Program Episodes (Total Viewing)      Top Commercials - Total Viewing          Brand                       Program                 Date        Rating     1.  Universal I Now             America's Got Talent    26-June        6.8         Pronounce/Chck&Lry     2.  French's Classic            48 Hours Mystery         7-July        6.5         Yellow Mustard     3.  AT&T Wireless Service       America's Got Talent    26-June        6.4     4.  Bali Bras & Panties Women   America's Got Talent    26-June        6.4     5.  OFF Family Care Smth&Dry    48 Hours Mystery         7-July        6.4         Insect Rplnt     6.  Excedrin Back&Body Ex       48 Hours Mystery         7-July        6.3         STR Pain Caps     7.  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer      48 Hours Mystery         7-July        6.3         Sun Block     8.  Lysol Power Toilet          48 Hours Mystery         7-July        6.3         Bowl Cleaner     9.  Chevrolet Trucks Silverado  America's Got Talent    26-June        6.2     10. Gatorade RTS Beverage       America's Got Talent    26-June        6.2       Top Program Episodes - Total Viewing          Program                         Date            Rating     1.  The Closer                      23-July           10.4     2.  The Closer                       2-July           10.0     3.  The Closer                      16-July            9.7     4.  The Closer                      25-June            9.7     5.  The Closer                       9-July            9.4     6.  So You Think You Can Dance      27-June            9.3     7.  So You Think You Can Dance      18-July            9.0     8.  So You Think You Can Dance      28-June            8.9     9.  So You Think You Can Dance      25-June            8.7     10. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip   28-June            8.5      --  It is officially summer: the first time a cable network has made the         Top 10 list -- TNT's The Closer occupies top five spots in total         rating.     --  It is officially summer (Part II): the highest rated show garnered a         10.4 total rating -- in May the highest rated show had a 25.6 rating.     --  Studio 60 on Sunset Strip refuses to die among TiVo viewers, still         cracking the Top 10.     --  All of the Top 10 Commercials aired during two programs that were not         in Top 10 Total Viewership.     --  AT&T Wireless made the Top 10 list for Total Viewership for 3rd         consecutive month.  

Mr. Juenger added, "The fact that all of the Top 10 commercials ran in programs that did not even make the Top 10 list is really quite interesting. Moreover, the two programs which had all the top commercials were ranked 13th and 37th in total viewership (June 26 episode of America's Got Talent ranked 13th, total rating of 8.1 and July 7 episode of 48 Hours Mystery ranked 37th, total rating of 6.5). While this seems surprising, it occurred because both these programs had both a large total rating and a high percentage of Live viewership (where viewers could not fast-forward through commercials)."

    --  Live Viewership Breakout (Primetime):          Ranking           Program                   Date         Rating         1st               America's Got Talent      26-June      4.5         2nd               America's Got Talent      10-July      4.3         3rd               48 Hours Mystery           7-July      4.1        July -- Top Commercials v. Top Program Episodes (Timeshifted Viewing)      Top Commercials - Timeshifted Viewing          Brand                              Program         Date         Rating     1.  Thompsons ADV Water Seal           Monk            13-July         3.3     2.  IHOP Restaurant                    Monk            20-July         3.2     3.  TGI Friday's Restaurant            Big Brother 8   29-July         3.1     4.  Keebler Sandies Drops Cookies      The Closer       2-July         3.1     5.  Walt Disney Underdog Movie         The Closer       9-July         3.0     6.  OnStar Vehicle Monitoring System   Psych           27-July         3.0     7.  New Line Hairspray Movie           Burn Notice     19-July         3.0     8.  Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies       The Closer      25-June         2.9     9.  Advil Pain Reliever Tablets        Monk            27-July         2.8     10. Paramount Hot Rod Movie            Big Brother 8   19-July         2.8       Top Program Episodes - Timeshifted Viewing          Program                            Date         Rating     1.  The Closer                          2-July         7.3     2.  The Closer                         23-July         7.2     3.  The Closer                         25-June         7.2     4.  The Closer                         16-July         7.1     5.  The Closer                          9-July         6.8     6.  So You Think You Can Dance         18-July         5.9     7.  So You Think You Can Dance         25-July         5.8     8.  So You Think You Can Dance         27-June         5.8     9.  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip      28-June         5.3     10. So You Think You Can Dance         28-June         5.2       --  The Top 10 Timeshifted programs were exactly the same as the Top 10         Total programs, although in a slightly different order.     --  The percent of Timeshifted viewing was again quite high this month --         The Closer had 70% of its viewing on Timeshifted basis and 62% of         viewing for So You Think You Can Dance was Timeshifted.     --  As usual, none of the Top Commercials in Timeshifted Viewing were the         same as the Top Commercials in Total Viewing.     --  While three of the Top Timeshifted spots appeared in separate episodes         of The Closer, none of the Top Timeshifted spots appeared in So You         Think You Can Dance.     --  The vast majority (8 out of 10) of Top Timeshifted commercials         appeared on cable networks.     --  While the Top Timeshifted Program had a rating of 7.3, the highest         rated commercial in that episode garnered a 3.1 (and no other         commercials from that episode made the Top 10).        July - Least Fast-Forwarded Brand Campaigns      Least Fast-Forwarded Brand Campaigns**                                             All Measured Networks - Daytime     Broadcast Networks - Primetime           & Primetime***          Brand                                  Brand     1.  Nissan Trucks Pathfinder           1.  Samsung Group Consumer Products     2.  Polident Overnight Tablets         2.  Subaru Auto & Truck Division     3.  Volkswagen Auto & Truck Various    3.  Audemars Piguet Watches     4.  Maybelline Volume Express Mascara  4.  AIG Life Insurance     5.  General Mills Honey                5.  American Express Delta Skymiles         Nut Cheerios Cereal                    Gold     6.  Hellmans Mayonnaise                6.  Tax Masters Tax Service Con Svc     7.  JC Penney Department               7.  Garlique Nutritional         Apparel Children                       Supplements     8.  New Line Rush Hour 3 Movie         8.  Johnson & Johnson CP     9.  Clearasil Ultra Acne Cream         9.  Baby Ruth Candy Bar     10. Excedrin Back&Body                10.  Head On Pain Remedies         Ex Strength Pain Caps       **  Highest ratio of commercial rating to program rating among timeshifted         viewing; min # of 20 spots. No Promos or PSAs included.     *** Stop||Watch currently monitors 15 networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW,         TNT, TBS, USA, CNN, ESPN, DISC, NIK, MTV, COM, HGTV      --  Two automobile manufacturers were among the top three brands on the         Broadcast, Primetime list.     --  Pharmaceuticals/OTC remedies placed the most brands (three) on the Top         10 List.     --  As in previous reports, there is no unusual distribution of first or         last pod positions among the top campaigns.     --  Some brands continue to show up regularly on the Least Fast-Forwarded         List (all networks/dayparts), including Samsung, Tax Masters, and         Audemars Piguet Watches.     --  It is worth noting that these campaigns air almost exclusively on         cable, almost exclusively on CNN, and almost exclusively during         Daytime -- all of these factors contribute to lower overall         broadcast environments.  

TiVo's Top Commercial Rankings reports, an industry first, were generated using TiVo's Stop||Watch service's unique ability to track consumer viewing behavior on a second-by-second basis, in both Live and Timeshifted viewing context.

The Stop||Watch ratings service, introduced in February 2007, is offered via an easily sortable database of ratings for nationally run programs and advertisements in primetime and daytime, with data going back to September 2006. Each month the Stop||Watch ratings service will issue the standard "Top" lists as well as special analyses of interest (e.g. top lists by program genre, network, or product category). Subscribers to the Stop||Watch ratings service include Starcom USA, the Interpublic Group of Companies, Media IQ, MPMA and Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

TiVo Stop||Watch ratings service data is derived from a daily, aggregate, anonymous, stratified random sample of 20,000 TiVo units -- from which the second-by-second "clickstream" of behavior and viewership is collected and assessed. The Stop||Watch service includes data for: Total Viewing, Live Viewing, Timeshifted Viewing (less than 1 hour, 1-6 hours, 6-24 hours, 24-48 hours, 2-7 day, and 7-14 day delay), Program Ratings, Commercial Ratings and a Commercial Viewership Index. The Stop||Watch service uses ad occurrence data from TNS Media Intelligence to identify commercial spots. For more information on the TiVo Stop||Watch ratings service, visit

About TiVo Inc.

** NOTE: This story has been truncated from its original size in order to facilitate transmission. If you need more information about this story, please contact NewsEdge Corporation at 1-800-766-4224. **

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