Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Six in 10 Broadband Users Watch Online Video Weekly, Up 36% YOY

Six in 10 Broadband Users Watch Online Video Weekly, Up 36% YOY
Online video consumption is growing rapidly among adult broadband internet users — most now watch video weekly — according to a recently released report, Broadband Content and Services 2007, from Horowitz Associates, reports MarketingCharts (via Micro Persuasion).

Six out of 10 (61 percent) high-speed internet users watch or download online video content at least once a week, and 86 percent do so monthly, compared with the respectively 45 percent and 71 percent who reported doing so in 2006.

News and user-generated/non-professional content are the genres reported viewed most often, followed by movie previews/trailers, music videos, and previews/segments of TV shows:

  • Weekly viewing of full episodes of television shows doubled from last year, with 16 percent of high-speed internet users now watching TV online on a weekly basis.
  • Some 36 percent watch news video at least weekly, up from 22 percent in 2006.
  • Non-professional videos are watched by 30 percent in 2007 - double the 15 percent in 2006.

Television Online

NBC and ABC are the networks that internet users mention most frequently for watching online TV content, with Grey's Anatomy the most-mentioned TV program viewed online.

While consumption of broadband video has grown, the study shows that television is still the preferred platform for traditional TV content: The vast majority (70 percent) of internet users who watch TV online say do so because they missed the episode on TV.

For more findings related to TV and portable video devices, see the MarketingCharts coverage.

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Social Network Spending to Hit $2.2B in '08

Social Network Spending to Hit $2.2B in '08

Source: http://www.marketingvox.com

Advertiser spending on social networks will reach $2.2 billion in 2008, reports MediaPost.

That number comes from a new study by eMarketer, which sees spending almost doubling from this year's $1.2 billion. Facebook and MySpace, it says, are poised to pull in 70 percent of those dollars.

The growth in usage of social networks drives the growth in ad dollars being funneled toward them. eMarketer says 37 percent of adults have visited a social network at least once a month in 2007.

It's also predicted that half the US adult population will be on a social network by 2011. For teens, that number will be 84 percent.

Both Facebook and MySpace have taken steps to cater to the needs and desires of advertisers. They've built out their offerings significantly, including options that use the vast amounts of data provided by users, and compiled by analysis of user behavior.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Top Spots in Search and Paid Listings Prove Key for Branding

Top Spots in Search and Paid Listings Prove Key for Branding
There is significant correlation between brands’ appearing in the top organic search and sponsored placements and consumer brand affinity, recall and purchase intent, according to results from a Google-sponsored eye-tracking study published in a whitepaper. 

The study by eye-tracking firm Enquiro sought to determine how the placement of search listings and sponsored search ads affect consumer brand perceptions.

Using Honda as a test brand and “fuel-efficiency” as a brand attribute, the study focused on consumers early in the purchase process who had not yet selected a particular car model.

Among the key findings of the study:

  • Lift in brand affinity: Online consumers who saw Honda in the top ad placement and the top organic search result were 16% more likely to think of Honda as a fuel efficient car than when the automaker’s brand didn’t appear on the page at all.
  • Lift in brand recall: Online consumers were 42% more likely to recall Honda if the company appeared in both the top ad placement and the top organic search result, rather than just the top organic listing.
  • Lift in purchase intent: When Honda was featured in both the top ad and top organic listings, purchase intent for Honda increased 8%. However, other automaker brands absent from the page suffered a significant decrease in purchase intent - 16%.

Additional insights are available from the Enquiro whitepaper, “The Brand Lift of Search”:


About the study: Using Honda as a test brand, the study sought to quantify the branding impact of differing Honda listing placements on the search results page. The experiment was conducted using subjects 25 years and older who were considering the purchase of a new car within the next year. Users performed a search for “fuel efficient car” and the search results appeared in five different variations: a Honda-branded listing in top ad position only, top organic position only, both the top organic and ad positions, side ad position only, and not at all (control group). Enquiro measured eye fixation on the Google page and also surveyed participants to evaluate the search experience’s branding effect on each of the five consumer test groups.

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Top 10 U.S. Social-Network and Blog Site Rankings Issued for Nov.

Top 10 U.S. Social-Network and Blog Site Rankings Issued for Nov.

source: http://www.marketingvox.com/archives/2007/12/17/top-10-us-social-network-and-blog-site-rankings-issued-for-nov/
MySpace.com yet again tops the rankings of top U.S. social-networking sites, with nearly 57.4 million unique visitors in Nov., down from October's 58.8 million, according to custom lists of top U.S. social-networking sites and blogs compiled by Nielsen Online, reports MarketingCharts.

Google's Blogger remains atop blog site rankings with 33.6 million visitors, down from October's 34.1 million.

Ranked second among social-networking sites, Facebook increased the number of visitors to nearly 22.0 million, up from October's 19.5 million - and up 89 percent vs. Nov. 2006, whereas MySpace visitors increased just 7 percent year over year.

[See full chart: http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/nielsen-online-nov-top-10-social-networking-sites-us.jpg]

Among blog sites, top-ranked Blogger increased its visitors a significant 49 percent from the year-earlier period, accounting for 33.6 million visitors in Nov., albeit that was down from this October's 34.1 million.

More impressively, however, WordPress, which maintained the No. 2 rank it first achieved in Oct., grew 310 percent from the year-earlier period. In Nov. it accounted for 12.0 million visitors, up from 11.4 million in Oct. - and up from 2.9 million last year.

Six Apart Type Pad, now No. 3, also grew - 22 percent from last year - to more than 11.0 million in Nov., up from nearly 10.6 million visitors in Oct.

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