Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Tweeters Dozen: Tweets of the Week 10-22-2010

Deluged by information overload? Quickly scan this useful list of Ignite Health’s most informative tweets of the week ending in 10/22 to stay on the pulse.

New Twitter design affects Pharma: (via @lisastockwell)

While the rollout of Twitter’s newly designed interface has been making headlines for weeks, an important implication to Pharma comes to light. The new interface layout could block required fair balance and safety information. Check out the link at the end for a tutorial on how to customize your background for the New Twitter.

Report: New York Times Has More Twitter Followers than Print Readers (via @SocialTimes)

“Could a future of so long print and hello headlines in 140 characters or less be far away?” The New York Time’s boasts a Twitter following greater than its print circulation.

Mobile Health 2010 | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project (via @Pew_Internet)

The online health-information environment is going mobile. 17% of cell phone users have used their phone to look up health or medical information and 9% have software applications or "apps” on their phones that help them track or manage their health.

MS Online Community Closed due to Canadian Regulations: (via @BlueLightP)

Teva Canada Innovation was a leader within the Pharma industry by adopting social media principles and giving members free range to talk about anything that they wanted to talk about. This is ideal and would be acceptable in many other industries, but unfortunately not in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.

Email vs. social media, the scale slowly tipping: (via @SpitzStrategy)

Your top health searches, asked and answered (via @thehealthmaven)

“On any given day, more people are posing health questions to Google than posing health questions to their doctors.”

#digpharm Follow-up: An Actionable Plan (via @JaeSelle)

Jess Seilheimer’s recap of the Digital Pharma East conference with a bias for action.

Peer-2-peer #diabetes patient mngmt (via phone) works better than nurse services alone: (via@SpitzStrategy)

Reciprocal peer support holds promise as a method for diabetes care management.

How Hospitals are Using the iPad (via @cultofmac)

“This is going to make my day easier and patient safety better because not only now I don’t have to find a work station to do what I need to do. What I need to do I can do it right there, right then, right now.”

New minisite/blog: "We Hate Your .com" & see why people hate your digital marketing: (via @jonmrich)

Jonathan Richman’s new site is dedicated to convincing marketers they are in need of a reality check regarding social media.

Really cool new iPhone app lets readers find hidden movies in print ads (via @IQLab)

This ad provides a creative mixture between old and new media. Not the future of advertising, but a fun segue.

Almost 90% of agencies plan to use Facebook in upcoming campaigns (via @AdAgeStat)

The Ad Age Daily STAT: Agencies are split on digital. More than a quarter of agencies believe they will spend more on digital advertising than traditional within one to three years. But nearly three in 10 do not foresee ever spending more on digital.

Mental Health Break:
The Difference between Facebook and Twitter (via @Gizmodo)

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