Monday, November 01, 2010

Tweets of the Week 11-1-2010

Deluged by information overload? Quickly scan this useful list of Ignite Health’s most informative tweets of the week ending in 11/1 to stay on the pulse.

Great post from @sixuntilme How Pharma can be SOCIAL w/patients, consideration of needs/where/how/why (via @JaeSelle)

Social media advice for Pharma from a patient perspective. An honest look at what patients want, and how Pharma can resonate with communities online.

FDA may tighten generic rules as bioequivalence is challenged (via @SpitzStrategy)

The FDA is considering tighter standards for generic drugs, mainly to insure “less variability among generics.”

5 Lessons From Outgoing Microsoft Software Architect Ray Ozzie (via @fastcompany)

Ray Ozzie released a new memo, called ‘Dawn of a New Day,’ in which he paints a vision of how technology is going to evolve in the next five years and his thoughts on what Microsoft needs to do to take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves.

Excellent advice explaining why companies must put past successes in perspective, recognize what is inevitable in their industry, and get the people inside their company to "see it, believe it, and have a passion for it."

When Are Facebook Users Most Active? [STUDY] (via @mashable)

“65% of Facebook users only access the site when they’re not at work or school — typically early morning or evening. If you’re making social media only a part of a 9 to 5 work day, you might be missing out on connecting with consumers during the times they’re likely to be online.”

SEO is dead - Long live Social Media Optimization (via @jeanlucr)

“The encouraging implication is that the audience values content, not keywords…SMO strategy means appealing to the audience, not an intermediary; knowing what drives interest; and activating people’s desire to consume and share.”

Dropbox CEO: Why search advertising failed us (via @VentureBeat)

“All the AdWords in the world are not going to save you if no one’s looking for what you’re making,” Instead, what worked for Dropbox was “making our users really really happy, and then giving them good tools to spread the word.”

Do Patients Want Pharma Involved In Social Media? (via @LizzieGeorgescu)

"Pew Internet reports that 61% of online users are actively seeking health information and that individuals with chronic diseases are more likely to spend time on social networks than the average individual. This may point to the patient appetite for content but it does not imply they want that content to come from pharmaceutical companies."

“The mistake we make in public health is that if people need something then we think we don’t have to make them want it.” - Melinda Gates (via @jayparkinson)

5 Website Designs That Blew Us Away [Mashable Awards] (via @mashable)

“When we say ‘web design,’ we’re looking beyond the pretty face of a well-laid-out page, beyond color and typography, beyond trends. We specifically looked for sites that stretch the boundaries of our technologies’ capabilities in interesting, useful and beautiful ways.”

Pharma lagging in mhealth space while health apps boom (via @vJayByrne)

In defense of mobile health apps adoption (via @mobilehealth)

Brian Dolan compares the adoption rate of social media by age group and compares them to the adoption rate for mobile health apps with some strikingly similar results.

iPad health care use by doctors, a comprehensive infographic (via @kevinmd)

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