Monday, November 15, 2010

ePharma Tweets of the Week

Deluged by information overload? Quickly scan this useful list of Ignite Health’s most informative tweets of the week ending in 11/15 to stay on the pulse.

Compiled by: Jeremy Franz, Digital Strategy Coordinator at Ignite Health (@eHealthStrat)

Everything about Facebook Like "11 Reasons Why You Need to Get a LIKE (Button)" via Dose of Digital (via @jonmrich)

In this popular post, Jonathan Richman explains everything you need to know about the Facebook Like button and how Pharma can utilize it.

What a GREAT post by @jimlefevere Why You Need to Create a Digital Crisis: A Quick Reference Guide (via @JaeSelle)

"There currently is far too little focus on digital marketing and social media (in Rx/Dx companies). You have to create a situation that shows some consequence action (good or bad) and/or will make the person identify with your proposal."

Adwords is Dying and Google Knows It (and they are doing something about it) v/ @fastcompany (via @0boy)

"The flagship advertising platform is showing no signs of slowing down, but the company is still proactively preparing for life after Adwords...In moving Marissa Mayer from Search Products to Geo/Local and promoting her to the operating committee (Google's highest 'club'), Google made clear where they think the money is going in the future."

Looks like we caused a bit of a stink today awarding a non-Flash site. See the comments: (via @fwa)

The battle of flash vs HTML5 is far from over, but McKniney's new site optimized for touch-enhanced mobile, tablet and computer versions is causing a stir. The site was the first to receive both Site of the Day and Mobile Site of the Day honors by the Favourite Website Awards.

As predicted, Facebook Introduces Anti-Email: Social Inbox, Seamless Messaging, Conversation History: (via @fastcompany)

The much anticipated Facebook event showcased what they think the future of messaging will be. It isn't a "Gmail killer" as many had predicted, but Austin Carr does a good job of explaining the key aspects of the new service.

5 Reasons to Consider the Cloud for Health Data: There are plenty of benefits to using cloud computing to shar... (via @hitconsultant)
"It takes time to learn a new system, input data, and adjust to changes in workflow—these are all common grievances among physicians when it comes to electronic health systems. 'The more you can make it so that it's something people can teach themselves, the better off you're going to be."

FDA comments on regulating mobile health apps for diagnostics: (via @SpitzStrategy)

“We need to be moving towards open sourced, independent infrastructure where you have components of different manufacturers that can plug and play. FDA is looking to the development of those different types of standards to get the biggest bang for our buck.”

10 lessons learned from mHealth roll-outs @mobilehealth (via @DrDave01)

The Director of Strategic Application of Mobile Technology for Public Health and Development, Columbia University, shares her top top lessons learned from global mobile health implementations.

DIY Checkup: iPhone Flash Measures User’s Pulse (via @PSFK)

New iPhone app "Pulse Phone" measures a pulse without any added peripherals.. The app uses flash lighting to illuminate a person’s finger, detecting small changes in color and brightness as blood moves through.

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