Saturday, October 31, 2009

From Twitter 10-30-2009

  • 06:19:29: @JNJCOMM asks: What is our role in Soc Med w/in diabetes community? Launches "INSULIVIN" YouTube Channel
  • 06:23:48: Great post @pharmaguy on #fdasm. We get mad when govt over-governs, yet 2 often we fail to take ownership and step up.
  • 07:54:42: Another one I missed--Wyeth joins the ranks of PHARMA on YouTube with BRANDED Hemophilia A channel:
  • 08:47:33: #fdasm more supporters added, link to agenda added, 3 spots left -- come on pharma peeps, just 1 of you step in :)
  • 11:07:51: @wommatarah great -- someone clearly reads the fine print!!! :). Please send me ur logo and link. Welcome aboard!
  • 11:45:57: RT @jonmrich: I have 2 agenda spots at the #FDASM hearings. I'll give up my 2nd spot (re:AEs) to the 1st pharma co that comes forward
  • 12:30:47: @emilydownward GREAT! Please send me a logo & link! #fdasm
  • 12:30:59: @kathyebron GREAT! Please send me a logo & link! #fdasm
  • 12:31:05: @avandy GREAT! Please send me a logo & link! #fdasm
  • 12:41:28: RT @kristincognito: RT @CLIOAwards: Did you know you could win a iPod Nano by tweeting #CLIOHC? Tweet away! Good luck!
  • 12:41:58: RT @CLIOAwards Ever wonder what wld happen if u injected an award show into a non-stop, private, nightclub party? #CLIOHC
  • 12:43:15: Congrats! @GSW_Worldwide 4 winningMM&M award 4 Best Overall Advertising Campaign for Professional pressional.
  • 12:44:00: @ Home or Theater? RT @ideasurge: Anyone have recommendations for a "scary" #Halloween movie that boys between 6-10 can watch?
  • 12:54:53: "Agencies need a more focused social media strategy for their own brands": (@ignitiongroup)
  • 12:57:30: Blog post by @rohitbhargava: "KevinMD Talks About The Future Of The Medical Blogosphere":
  • 13:16:05: @shwen in the spirit of soc med, wld love 2 have every1 coordinate. In the spirit of Wed 5 PM deadline, I'm only coordinating w/reality :)
  • 13:30:28: @shwen : oh, I thought you meant among presenters. HAHA. I do think we need to aggregate presentations too.
  • 13:51:38: @ideasurge wild things is awesome! No, not scary. I wouldn't bring a 4-year old. It's actually quite sweet & has some great messages in it
  • 14:02:21: RT @SusannahFox: Updated @Pew_Internet trend data, including searchable online activities charts:
  • 14:44:38: Thank you @cmschroed 4 posting your draft FDA testimony online #fdasm (via @krystlekopacz)
  • 14:49:14: Frm @cmschroed's upcoming FDA presentation: 89% (of 996 surveyed) said they wld call their MD if bad reaction 2 a medication. #fdasm
  • 15:10:47: @cmschroed Chris, would love to send u a comment re: ur FDA draft, Can I send u a question 2 ur email 1st? @krystlekopacz:

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Agencies need a more focused social media strategy for their own brands

Written by Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group
Source: Ignition Group

October 30, 2009

An important part of the value agencies bring to a new client relationship is their ability to help focus the client’s brand messaging. Often the brand strategy is scattered and unfocused. The brand is not speaking with one voice, the messages are off-strategy, and the client organization isn't really sure what the brand stands for in the first place.

As an observer of the agency industry, I often see agency brands behaving in exactly the same way. Not only is the agency brand not well defined, but the message strategy is almost schizophrenic. For some reason, this is particularly true when it comes to the agency’s social media strategy and messaging.

What kind of agency would you assume is behind a Twitter stream like this?
  • Recipes for most popular cookies.
  • This year’s strangest clothing trends.
  • Top 5 ways to host a successful dinner party.
These are paraphrased tweets from actual agencies. Not only are these messages irrelevant to the marketing business, they do nothing to build a positive, consistent perception of the agency. They say nothing about what the agency believes or advocates, and do nothing to differentiate the firm from the thousands of other agencies participating in social networks. Can you imagine this agency executing a similar program for a client? Not likely.

The same goes for blogs agencies produce for themselves. I see agency blogs that feature random commentaries about travel experiences, how much they like the new iPhone, and a call for entries in a moustache contest. That's fine random fodder for a personal blog, but it hardly helps build the image and reputation of a professional service firm that wants to be known for innovation and thought leadership. Can you imagine visiting a blog published by Apple and finding posts about favorite recipes, the last Harry Potter movie, or the lamentations of a stay-at-home mom? Such are the topics I often find on scores of unfocused, uninteresting, undifferentiated agency blogs.

Branding firms (aka agencies) preach building the brand at every point of contact. They counsel clients that everything the brand says or does should combine to create a unified, meaningful, distinctive impression. Why isn't it more obvious to branding professionals that they should be doing the same thing for their own brands?

Just like everything else, your social media program needs a strategy. Ogilvy recently published a strategic approach to using Twitter that is a good place to start.

Part of the reason many agencies fall short on their online marketing efforts is because the leaders of the firm are often out of the social media loop. They actually don't know what's currently on the agency blog, what’s being posted to the agency Facebook page, or what's being sent from the agency Twitter account. Instead they relegate these jobs to junior associates (sometimes even interns) who don't have the depth of experience to speak on behalf of the agency in these important ways. This is inexcusable. There is no more important job for an agency leader than to set the messaging strategy for the agency brand. This doesn't mean that the agency CEO has to personally manage the agency's presence on social networks, but he or she should certainly see that the agency is communicating in useful, relevant, and differentiating ways that support the agency brand positioning.

Especially given the emerging importance of social media, agencies should be setting an example for their clients to follow.
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From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 04:12:22: CHALLENGE: 62 people will PRESENT at #fdasm hearing. Do u know who? Help complete the LIST or RT:
  • 04:45:15: In case u missed it, get FREE logo/link on homepage of WWW.FDASM.COM 2 show ur supprt 4 upcoming FDA hearings on Social Media #fdasm Jst RT!
  • 04:51:22: @ritters90 : send me a link & logo and you're in! #fdasm ... about 8 spots left of the original 44!
  • 04:54:42: For the rest of you have already sent me logo & link, please check out to ensure it's all working OK 4 u. #fdasm
  • 05:22:20: @eLuminater : Thank you Liana -- it's live now at! Lmk if it's the right logo/link #fdasm
  • 05:41:06: @jonmrich giving gr8 Pecha Kucha presentation at #epatcon on "Marketing w/Meaning", despite botched slides.
  • 06:04:55: The Nation's Health: "Public Health Leaders Using Social Media to Convey Emergencies: New Tools a Boon"
  • 06:15:40: @WendyBlackburn : You Rock! Thank you. I would love to see some pharma join too.
  • 06:20:20: I know this is old (3/31/09), but there is some GREAT data in here re: how organizations are using Social Media:
  • 06:21:27: Oh wow. Game changer indeed. RT @chrisbrogan: I'm with @mashable . Google Maps NAVIGATION is big news -
  • 06:27:14: Aren't @pew_internet & @manhattanresear presenting 2? @MelissaKDavies: RT @jamielacey28 @WendyBlackburn #fdasm
  • 06:31:16: @WendyBlackburn Arnie is not on twitter -- so I'll shoot him an email.
  • 06:45:47: I'm SO getting that! Fnlly smthng cool 4 Vrz flks! RT @jmajka: Engadget "We've got the DROID in R hands... & its sweet"
  • 07:01:57: Special Report (PDF) from APHA: Expert Round Table on Social Media & Risk Communication During Times of Crisis:
  • 09:42:37: Tune in tonight 2 The Medical Marketing & Media Awards live from NYC @mmmawards. Finalists: Go! @juvenation
  • 11:11:58: Folks that have requested a FREE spot on, please send me logo/link @cheyennejack @chttrbx99 @EilennOBrien #fdasm
  • 11:12:11: Folks that have requested a FREE spot on, please send me logo/link @friedah03 @GrayscaleFDA @HeldinContempt #fdasm
  • 11:12:18: Folks that have requested a FREE spot on, please send me logo/link @ifundera @jamielacey28 @ritters90 #fdasm
  • 11:16:32: @ASSURX : you are live on -- let me know if logo/link is good! #fdasm
  • 11:21:24: To all tweeps interested in FDA & PUBLIC HEARINGS - thank you for showing the collective support on #fdasm (few spots left!)
  • 11:22:29: @healthyjack : WEGO HEALTH presence is live on #fdasm @wegohealth
  • 11:29:14: @gradontripp Welcome aboard! Please send me your link & logo! #fdasm
  • 11:47:31: @m_sekar How to get a seat at the FDA SM hearing: #fdasm
  • 12:03:43: You are live! RT @ritters90: @skypen hey mate link is #fdasm
  • 12:04:39: @m_sekar but seriously, the registration unfortunately is closed. Lots of people got turned away :(
  • 13:19:06: Alright, 4 all those who xprsd concern re: support of a live (& unpredictable) stream of tweets on, disclaimer is up! #fdasm
  • 13:19:44: U r very welcome! RT @jamielacey28: Nice to be "in" at and part of crowd at at #fdasm. Thanks @skypen - fast work!
  • 13:30:17: Couldn't get a seat at the upcoming FDA hearings on Internet & Social Media? No worries, 5 "seats" left on RT 2 get 1! #fdasm
  • 14:25:57: PRESENTERS @ FDA SOCIAL MEDIA HEARING @skypen @fardj @wendyblackburn @melissakdavies @cmschroed Anyone else? #fdasm
  • 14:26:06: PRESENTERS @ FDA SOCIAL MEDIA HEARING @fardj @wendyblackburn @melissakdavies @cmschroed Anyone else? #fdasm
  • 14:30:54: Very useful COMPARISON CHART for those interested in the new VERIZON DROID (via @VZWSoCal @Mashable )
  • 14:33:14: Cool. Added her. Some blanks though :) RT @EileenOBrien: @skypen I know @maureenmiller is presenting at FDA SM hearings #fdasm
  • 14:38:30: Yo Bill! @drumbeat, I added you! @ellenhoenig: Heartbeat Digital is presenting at FDA SM HEARING. Anyone else? #fdasm
  • 15:12:47: See you soon! @MMMawards: Today the #mmmawards winners will be revealed. Don't miss it. Click here for tickets
  • 15:15:52: No. They did? RT @TheGRAMMYs: Purchased anything since @google made it easier to search and buy music? If so, what?
  • 18:25:22: Next award up at #mmmawards is for best website, is a finalist... So nervous. @juvenation #diabetes
  • 18:30:41: And the winner for best website at @mmmawards is...stupid.
  • 19:55:09: Only pfizer, lilly, and sanofi-aventis presenting at the fda social media public hearings out of 62 speakers. #fdasm
  • 21:08:14: True that. RT @RosettaHC: J&J is speaking in addition to pfizer, lilly and sanofi-aventis. 2:30-2:45 on 11/12 #fdasm
  • 21:10:30: @planetrussell : cool -- just send me a link & logo and you're in! only 2 spots left! #fdasm
  • 23:30:02: Great post @pharmaguy on #fdasm. We get mad when govt over-governs, yet 2 often we fail to take ownership and step up.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Public Health Leaders Using Social Media to Convey Emergencies: New Tools a Boon

Written by Donya Currie for "The Nation's Health"
Published: 10/13/2009
Source: Medscape

What some people might think of as online entertainment or a fun way to stay in touch with friends has turned into a communications boon for the public health community, particularly in times of crisis.

Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook are allowing public health officials to reach out fast and directly to the public on everything from salmonella-related food recalls to disease outbreaks and weather emergencies.

“We’ve tried to make social media a very everyday thing for us here,” Laura Howe, senior director of public affairs for the American Red Cross, told The Nation’s Health. “Basically, we’re trying to advance the mission of helping people prepare for and respond to emergencies. We’re really looking to ensure that people can get very quick, very effective access to the information where they can either get help or give help.”

Social media, which include tools such as Twitter, online photo and video journals and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, have exploded in popularity in the public health community, especially in the past year. The tools allow users to switch easily between the roles of audience and content producers.

Federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration have recognized the power of social media, using the broad reach of the online community to help distribute important health information and learn what issues are popping up across the country at any given time.

“The Web is no longer static content,” Andrew Wilson, who manages the federal Web site and is part of the Web Communications and New Media Division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, told The Nation’s Health. “You really have to get your message out to where people are going to be.”

Wilson pointed to the success of the public health response to the recent recall of salmonella-contaminated peanut butter and peanut products. During the 2008­–2009 outbreak, which was tied to products from the Georgia-based Peanut Corporation of America, FDA developed a database that allowed consumers to enter a product name or barcode and find out if it had been recalled. Yet federal officials needed a way to make sure the general public knew how to access the database.

CDC officials then built a “widget” — an application that displays featured content that is maintained by the agency — that any user could post on a Web site or blog and give access to the searchable database. Everyone from state and local health departments to the public had access to the tool.

“It gave so many more people the opportunity to get that information,” Wilson said.

For state and local health departments, social media offer ways to reach different segments of the population, said Kate Lilja, who heads social media efforts for the Salt Lake Valley Health Department in Salt Lake County, Utah.

Those efforts include the department’s One Small Change campaign encouraging residents to make a change to improve their health, such as choosing high-fiber wheat bread over white or biking to work. Campaign messages are available via video on a YouTube channel, through captioned photos on a Flickr page, as comments and videos linked to a Facebook page, and via messages sent out from the department’s Twitter. “We combined traditional outreach methods with our social media outreach,” Lilja told The Nation’s Health.

Health department staff still go to health fairs and schools and talk to business and community leaders about making “one small change,” but by having online tools involved, more people are likely to both hear and talk about the message, she said.

“It’s also a population where, if they like the message, they’re going to help you spread it,” she said. “That’s been something really great, to see how it spreads virally.”

The department has also used its social media tools to communicate timely information to the public on H1N1 cases and pandemic flu prevention.

The upside of the democratic nature of social media is that scores of people can help broadcast important public health messages, according to users. The downsides include security concerns and making sure credible information is not lost in the conversation. Researchers are continuing to look into ways social media can help augment traditional disease surveillance methods and perhaps give public health agencies the jump on outbreaks, medication reactions or other concerns. Alessio Signorini, a PhD candidate at the University of Iowa and technology director for the social search engine OneRiot, recently came up with an interactive, real-time map that shows what Twitter users are saying about swine flu, for example.

A lot of the conversation might just be idle chatter, but some of the talk could prove useful in tracking health trends, Signorini told The Nation’s Health. Through Twitter, users create short, 140-character messages, called “tweets,” that can be followed online or via text message.

“Now that there’s Twitter, people wake up in the morning with a headache and try to tweet about it,” he said. “They are much more likely to write a tweet about it than go to the doctor with every headache and every sneeze.”

That could come in handy for surveillance if, say, students from a particular dorm were sending out queries about a rash or a cluster of people from one town had similar concerns about a particular medication or illness symptoms.

A 2009 online survey on social media use during times of crisis gave a snapshot of the types of tools used, finding that some in public health have yet to get on board with the new technology or to gauge its impact. Conducted by APHA and Booz Allen Hamilton with more than 540 public health and safety leaders, 57 percent said they were not yet using social media tools for communicating public health issues or emergencies. The majority of those who use social media tools have done so for less than three years, and only 41 percent evaluate the effectiveness of their social media.

In the evidence-based world of public health, coming up with true measurements of social media effectiveness poses a challenge, but as the tools are used more frequently, data is emerging. For example, Wilson said the Twitter account CDC uses to communicate about emergencies, at cdcemergency, had 2,500 followers before the H1N1 influenza outbreak. In late June, the account had 370,000 followers, a huge network of potential communicators to heed and help spread public health emergency messages.

APHA has worked to harness the power of social media through efforts such as its Get Ready Twitter feed, which allowed the Association to broadcast live from CDC and World Health Organization news conferences during the height of the recent H1N1 influenza outbreak. Among its social media outreach efforts, APHA recently hosted a roundtable in March on using social media during times of crisis.

One common social media pitfall is what Howe at the Red Cross called “shiny new object syndrome” — the temptation to latch on to every new tool that is created.

“I think people do spend a lot of time chasing after tools that are up and coming or brand new without the goals and objectives in mind of what they’re trying to achieve,” said Howe, whose organization is approached constantly by vendors touting their social media products.

Health and technology consultant Grant McLaughlin, who works with Booz Allen Hamilton advising agencies such as HHS and FDA, also tells his clients to get focused before launching into the social media world.

“You have to know your audience and where you’re going,” McLaughlin told The Nation’s Health. “You could put up a Facebook page, but if your audience isn’t on Facebook, why would you do it? If your audience isn’t on Twitter, you shouldn’t be tweeting, because it’s just going into a vacuum.”

For more information on social media and risk communication, visit;; or For more news from The Nation’s Health, visit

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From Twitter 10-28-2009

  • 09:10:25: You're a rock star. THAT's what happened :) RT @ginacaps: @sixuntilme @skypen I just saw this what happened??
  • 09:15:09: RT @swoodruff: Pharma people: read this. RT @sixuntilme: Not the voice of THE patient. Just A patient. #epatcon
  • 09:31:27: #fdasm - FDA just told everyone who is presenting at public hearings decks must be submitted by mid to late NEXT week!
  • 13:44:53: @pharmaguy funny thing is, I bet 99% of pharma cos haven't even seen your sidewiki comments because they're not allowed to install it.
  • 14:17:11: @pharmaguy : you crack me up! When I first read the tweet all I read was "I trashed Jean-Ah" ... And I thought, oh shit! :)
  • 14:23:28: MAN, they are on a roll! "FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Clinical Research Investigators": (via @RxTrials)
  • 14:26:37: I agree with @pierreyves,"The Berlin Twitter Wall" is VERY cool indeed:
  • 14:31:57: Ditto. I wonder if mainstream media will cover it? RT @healthyjack: @pharmaguy ... looking fwd to seeing you both at FDA
  • 14:36:33: Must say, I was very impressed w/"Pecha Kucha" presos at #epatcon. Not only a GR8 format, but the presenters' creativity was awesome!
  • 14:42:29: How do you feel abt this new addition 2 the pharma twitter world:@azhelps 4 Nexium support? Certainly wouldn't work well for herpes or HIV.
  • 17:00:46: You responded, but didn't send me logo & link for Please send @healthythinker @agDesignNetwork @friedah03 @chtterbx99 #fdasm
  • 17:00:46: You responded, but didn't send me logo & link for Please send @EdwardAten @MarianCutler @HealthIntel @EilennOBrien #fdasm
  • 17:00:47: You responded, but didn't send me logo & link for Please send @ifundera @HeldinContempt @GrayscaleFDA @MarianCutler #fdasm
  • 17:14:43: @MarkHarmel I think it raises an interesting issue. Yes, the original tweet is public & followers see it, but the @ reply "broadcasts" it.
  • 17:49:08: CHALLENGE: 62 people will PRESENT at FDA INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA HEARINGS. U KNOW WHO THEY R! Help complete the LIST#fdasm
  • 21:16:01: One of the BEST & most inciting posts I have read regarding the FDA's upcoming hearings on Internet & Social Media: #fdasm
  • 21:26:35: @jamielacey28 did you send me your logo and link for
  • 21:33:26: @chttrbx99 please send me logo & link for -- thanks! #fdasm

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Twitter 10-27-2009

  • 05:05:38: We missed having you. RT @xpetit: @ellenhoenig & @swoodruff & @skypen and all at #epatcon, sorry 4 missing the event & tweetup.
  • 08:12:18: New social media website for people to share their treatment experiences:
  • 08:12:50: @healthyjack : Welcome aboard Jack! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 09:39:43: Google launches Social Search!
  • 12:10:39: @racewithinsulin great job today at #epatcon. Thank you 4 sharing your story & all the great stuff you're doing 2 help educate abt #diabetes
  • 12:52:43: Amen, sister! Don't get me started. RT @MeredithGould: The automatic, uncritical demonizing of FDA is beyond troubling. #epatcon
  • 12:59:19: RT @DigitalBulldog: #ePatCon: estimated date for FDA publishing guidelines for digital/social media marketing is end of 2010.
  • 13:08:24: FDA's Loebach to Pharma companies: Keep the #StarWars motto in mind: "Don't go to the dark side". #epatcon
  • 13:09:44: ABSOLUTELY! @philbaumann: I have to say @kevinkruse has done a spectacular job with this conference. All around A+. Bravo, Kevin. #epatcon

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treatment Report Makes Researching Health Conditions Simple

While the Unites States Congress is busy debating the high costs of health care reform, aims to promote health system efficiency by making treatment information structured and transparent. On the site, people with health conditions can review and share treatment experiences with those researching their options. The site aggregates statistics for a specific condition, treatment combination and calls them Treatment Reports. Each Treatment Report gives readers a map of what works and what does not; regardless of whether it’s conventional, alternative medicine, or not covered by insurance.

“Our goal is to improve how people share health information. Today someone can go on message boards, blogs, or Twitter to share treatment experiences and Google does a great job of making this information available through search. However, it is very difficult and time consuming to aggregate similar experiences and to quantify treatment results. For example, if you are planning to get a cortisone injection for hip bursitis, it would be great to know the likelihood of a positive outcome, how many people feel great after it, how many need a second or third shot, and for how many it does not work at all. Also, what other treatments, people try for this condition,” explains Andre Abramenko, one of the creators of TreatmentReport.

“For example if you go to, you will be able to learn about hip bursitis cortisone shot combination or if you go to you will be able to find all available treatments results for hip bursitis.”
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From Twitter 10-26-2009

  • 05:22:03: @fardj great -- just send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 05:24:07: @healthythinker perfect! Send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 05:42:00: @pharmaguy Creature from "Where the Wild Things Are". Kinda how social media feels. Plus, Halloween around the corner :)
  • 05:49:30: #ePatCon - person with b-day closest to today wins $15 itunes card. Damn, should've lied.
  • 06:02:57: @suxuntilme @drval - hello from @skypen & @digitalbulldog, also at your table :) #epatcon
  • 06:11:37: Pic from back of the room at #epatcon. Stunning ballroom, btw.
  • 06:21:13: Show your support for FDA public hearings on social media for free on Only 18 spots left. Secure your spot, RT this #fdasm
  • 06:27:05: @rtcrm : welcome to the club! Please send me a logo & link #fdasm
  • 06:36:08: Thomas Goetz from Wired presents at #epatcon. Tells 3 stories. Knows how to engage audience. Great!
  • 06:48:49: Goetz's "decision tree" concept is incredibly simple, yet its application can have profound implication to our health. #epatcon
  • 07:33:29: Too funny! RT @pharmaguy: @skypen @swoodruff Like my new avatar & shirt?
  • 08:25:01: Lee Aase presenting at #epatcon. Slides from blogwell:
  • 08:33:37: Slides from Lee Aase that include case study #epatcon:
  • 08:53:11: RT @DigitalBulldog: J&J's Halper: 50% of content on their channel is produced by J&J, rest is user-generated, $100 if accepted! #epatcon
  • 08:55:15: Did they say why? @WendyBlackburn @PharmExecMag: Just got shut down for spot at #fdaSM forum.
  • 11:03:01: @jackbilson3 @swoodruff thank you for leading a fantastic workshop on social media policy dev! #epatcon
  • 11:10:49: @MarianCutler No more than 115 X 70 #fdasm
  • 11:11:35: @whydotpharma : yes that was me (I think). And no, I don't have long flowing hair with the face of a horse. #epatcon
  • 11:12:56: RT @jonmrich: RT @philbaumann: Join the Society for Participatory Medicine - #epatcon
  • 11:27:00: @MarianCutler : of course! #fdasm
  • 11:29:34: Reminder: 15 spots left 4 your FREE logo & link on 2 show your support for the FDA SM Hearings. Just RT this message #fdasm
  • 11:33:00: AMEN. RT @drval: @MeredithGould My FIRST life is challenging enough. Do I need a second one? #epatcon
  • 11:38:26: While not a big fan of on-stage pitches, it's nice 2 see sponsors getting more value than just logo & booth 4 supporting #epatcon
  • 11:40:56: Kerri, need anything? @sixuntilme: O u have 2 B kidding. Am I heading towards low blood sugar rt before ive 2 speak? WTF #diabetes. #epatcon
  • 11:47:38: I assume listenlogic is talking about scraping facebook's groups and pages, NOT private walls and status updates. Right? #epatcon
  • 11:51:07: 2 kind! RT @whydotpharma: @SusannahFox Thanks, it is thanks 2 u and @skypen that I got into this e-patient stuff in the first place #epatcon
  • 12:01:59: @sixuntil @epatientdave & Diane Bayer: thank u 4 sharing your stories at #epatcon. Would love to hear FROM MORE e-patients in the future.
  • 13:34:27: RT @sixuntilme: @ePatCon: #epatcon Let's welcome Novo Nordisk's Susan Harrow Rago & Rachael Lewinson of JDRF, w/! @juvenation
  • 13:39:00: Rachel Lewinson gives @ginacaps (community manager) props for success of at #epatcon
  • 13:45:30: Welcome to Philly Charlie! RT @charliekimball: After my 5 hour flight, I am amused to see my twitter feed filled with #epatcon.
  • 13:59:37: Would be great 2 have PATIENTS who use these great health communities up there with panelists discussing "value" of social networks #epatcon
  • 14:05:43: @kevinkruse was a rockin' host and moderator at #epatcon
  • 14:21:46: The pharma social media rockstars at #epatcon -J&J's Tricia (ADHD Moms) and Novo's Ambre (Racewithinsulin tweets)M

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Monday, October 26, 2009

From Twitter 10-25-2009

  • 08:08:47: Boarding a plane soon for #ePatCon. Hope there is little overlap w/#digpharm last week. :)
  • 12:16:50: @philbaumann see you there. #epatcon
  • 13:07:29: Show ur co's support 4 the upcoming FDA Social Media Hearings 4 FREE. 44 "spots" avail. on (logo/link). Step 1: RT THIS #fdasm
  • 13:37:22: Only 43 spots left! @swoodruff has taken spot 1. Step 2. Steve, please send me a logo no larger than 120 X 70 & link. THANK U! #fdasm
  • 13:42:01: @cheyennejack : 42 spots left! Step 2. Cheyenne, send me a logo (max. 120x70) & link. U rock! #fdasm
  • 13:44:02: In case u missed it-- giving away FREE logo & link space on 4 those who RT. Show support for upcoming FDA SM hearings! #fdasm
  • 13:53:05: @jaysbryant awesome! Send me your logo and link. #fdasm
  • 13:54:02: @Mickelberg - great, send me your logo and link. #fdasm.
  • 13:54:42: @shwen - great to have u on board shwen! Send me ur logo and link. #fdasm.
  • 15:00:50: In case you missed it - - Show your support FREE. #fdasm
  • 16:30:53: @MarianCutler - great, please send me a logo and link! #fdasm
  • 16:31:56: @GrayscaleFDA - thank you for joining the cause! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:32:28: @MaverickNY awesome sally! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:33:01: @pharmaguy you are in! (Of course). #fdasm
  • 16:33:23: @heldincontempt great -- thank you for joining the cause! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:33:45: @ellenhoenig welcome ellen! thank you for joining the cause! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:34:07: @WendyBlackburn wendy, glad to have you! thank you for joining the cause! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:34:26: @GCPworks welcome on board -- thank you for joining the cause! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:35:14: @ifundera great to have you -- thank you for joining the cause! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 16:36:39: @shwen @swoodruff - the pic?? I am not going to re-tweet that! "Wrong" is not a strong enough word to describe the tweet :)
  • 16:37:16: @ellenhoenig @shwen aw, come one ellen -- you're not going to pile on here are you?
  • 16:38:02: @MsStallings @shwen @swoodruff shwen, I will have my revenge for this ... Mark my words!
  • 16:40:57: Only 30 spots left! Show ur support for the fda public hearings with free logo & link on Simply RT this. #fdasm
  • 16:53:03: @HealthIntel welcome to the club! Send me a logo and link! #fdasm
  • 17:01:01: In case you missed it - - Show your support FREE. #fdasm
  • 17:15:31: @HealthIntel @skypen perfect and thank you! #fdasm
  • 17:40:37: @Nedra : Nedra, you are in! Send me a logo & link! #fdasm
  • 17:41:09: @edwardaten : awesome! send me your logo and link. #fdasm
  • 17:41:26: @MarianCutler -- welcome to the crew! send me your logo and link. #fdasm
  • 17:41:56: @chttrbx99 -- Great to have you on board. Please send me your logo and link. #fdasm
  • 17:51:26: @heldincontempt : I will save you a spot until you get permission. That goes 4 everyone. But do so soon :) #fdasm
  • 17:54:39: Only 23 spots left! Show ur support 4 the FDA public hearings on SM w/FREE logo & link on Simply RT. #fdasm (I will hold 4 u)
  • 17:55:36: @odomlewis : awesome -- welcome aboard. Please send me your logo & link. #fdasm
  • 17:58:35: @swoodruff @shwen - alright, so know everyone knows what I am going to be 4 Halloween.
  • 18:00:31: @heldincontempt : you got it!
  • 18:01:12: @edwardaten : no later than 10/30.
  • 18:03:22: @MsStallings : No no no no no. Don't RT. Wasn't dinner ready or something. You shouldn't (re)tweet with ur mouth full. @swoodruff @shwen
  • 18:16:37: @roskadigital - great! Please send me a logo and link #fdasm
  • 18:18:15: @Kevinkruse - I am really looking forward to #epatcon see you tomorrow!
  • 18:46:42: Awesome! You Too Can Watch U2 On YouTube, Live Tonight @zaibatsu @earthXplorer @arrington @TechCrunch
  • 18:48:10: @friedah03 you're in! Send me a logo and link. Thank you. #fdasm
  • 18:49:02: do you guys ever sleep! RT @shwen: @MsStallings @swoodruff @skypen LOL! The PSA is hilarious, tho he must have shaved 4 that one ;-).
  • 18:58:21: Very interesting. RT @GuyKawasaki: How about it?
  • 20:38:35: @edwardaten yes, like the squares.
  • 21:16:29: @roskadigital very kind for the extra rt -- much appreciated! #fdasm

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Twitter 10-24-2009

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