Monday, November 29, 2010

ePharma Tweets of the Week: 11-29-2010

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Compiled by: Jeremy Franz, Digital Strategy Coordinator at Ignite Health (@eHealthStrat)

Did you read that WSJ article about marketers "scraping" online conversation? I decided I needed to respond: (via @leighhouse)

Leigh Householder's provides a compelling argument in response to criticism of Pharma's "scraping" online conversation. Saying, "I believe it’s part of my job (as a responsible marketer) to listen to the real people we serve and elevate their collective voice."

Social Media Is Not for Advertising Pharma Brands (via @jonmrich)

Jonathon Richman argues that social media is not for advertising pharma brands primarily because healthcare decisions are a private matter, and there are no benefits to sharing medical information publicly.

A reminder that your Twitter (or Facebook) is not my Twitter (or Facebook): (via @mitchjoel)

"It's a welcomed reminder that Social Media is not a fixed piece of software. It is (and it should be) many different things to many different people. Some will use it to game the system, while others will use it to change the world."

RT @RecognitionA “@LizzieGeorgescu: Who’s Responsible for Tweets About a Drug? (via @Gingerpug9405)

The “social” part of social media means that third parties — bloggers, commenters, Twitter users — are also part of the message. (Kanye West tweeted this summer that “clothes are my drug,” but what if he’d instead said that Lipitor was his drug? Should the FDA pay any attention to that? What if he or another celebrity were paid for the tweet?)

Diabetes Time Bomb: New Report Shows Half the Country Could Have Diabetes by 2020 (via @Hall_MediaMaven)

More than 50 percent of Americans could have diabetes or prediabetes by 2020 at a cost of $3.35 trillion over the next decade if current trends continue.

Healthcare is No. 3 Sector for iPad Adoption (via @L2_Pharma)

Healthcare is one of the top three industries using Apple's hot-selling iPad tablet, behind only the financial and technology sectors, according to data from mobility service provider Good Technology.

Study: Why Are the Rich So Good at the Internet? (via @fastcompany)

Pew Internet has released a report finding that income is the strongest predictor of whether, how often, and in what ways Americans use the web.

GREAT crowd sourcing project @OpenIDEO Agenda Concepts Could read these all night brought to my attn via @anjelikadeo (via @JaeSelle)

What global challenge do you think innovation leaders should work to right now? Post your idea or cast your vote at

NASA, White House, and PETA Top L2’s Latest Public Sector Digital IQ Study: The first annual Digital IQ Index® (via @L2_ThinkTank)

L2 Think Tank ranks the digital competence of organizations in the public sector. The AARP and Planned Parenthood Federation of America are the only two health related organizations to crack the top 30.

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