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Walking competition taking place during Joslin's Diabetes Innovation 2012

BOSTON, MA, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 – Healthrageous, Inc., a digital health management company, announced today that the company will host a walking competition during Joslin’s Diabetes Innovation 2012, September 23-25, which will also raise money to support the Joslin Diabetes Center High Hopes Fund. Healthrageous will provide each conference attendee with a wireless pedometer to wear during the event, and step counts will be wirelessly collected and displayed throughout the conference. Healthrageous will donate up to $10,000 to the Joslin High Hopes Fund, based on the total step count achieved by participants.

"People with diabetes can improve their quality of life by becoming more active. Helping people become educated and motivated about the role physical activity and exercise can play in managing diabetes is an important step forward in addressing this major health crisis," said Rick Lee, President and CEO, Healthrageous. "We are also delighted to support Joslin's High Hopes Fund, bringing hope and help to children and their families with diabetes."

Throughout the event Healthrageous will display the Top Ten leaders of the walking competition, as well as posters stressing the importance of exercise for people with diabetes. Participants will also receive wristbands to act as a reminder to get exercise. The top three steppers will receive gift cards of $500, $250 and $100.

According to Julie Brown, Director of Professional Education, Joslin Diabetes Center, “Diabetes Innovation 2012 is designed to widen the field of vision for all stakeholders to clearly examine all processes and relationships -- the food culture, food distribution and marketing, government policy, funding, clinical protocols, patient involvement, research, and beyond -- and examine where we can find improvements and partners to reverse the dual epidemic that is obesity and diabetes. We appreciate Healthrageous’ innovative approach to allow us to ‘walk the talk’ and thank them for their support and contributions to the event and to ‘High Hopes.’"

Physical activity can have an overall positive effect on an individual's health. For people with diabetes, exercise can help to manage blood glucose and blood pressure, improve cholesterol, improve the body's ability to use insulin and lower the risk for heart disease and stroke. The American Diabetes Association's updated guidelines (June 2012) suggest one of the first treatment strategies for newly diagnosed patients with Type 2 diabetes is to improve health habits, including diet and exercise, to lower blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Innovation 2012 features leaders and innovators from all sectors, and will include innovations in prevention, delivery and adherence as well as innovations in process and policy. Among over 100 faculty, and hundreds of audience members, from industry and the payer, provider, patient and purchaser community and academia, leaders from many of the most important government agencies (AHRQ, PCORI, NIH, CDC, FDA, CMS, CMMI) will be on hand to encourage open dialogue and collaboration to speed system improvements. The event is sponsored by Sanofi US, with support from Target. To sponsor, exhibit or register for Diabetes Innovation 2012, please visit

About Healthrageous
Healthrageous, Inc., is a digital health engagement and management company that supports individual journeys to prevent and self-manage chronic health conditions via the web and a mobile app. It achieves superior engagement through its proprietary platform that incorporates personalized goal setting, health journey maps with gaming dynamics, timely biometric feedback and interactive digital coaching. The digital coach leverages multiple tools such as inspirational messages, recognition and incentives, challenges, social networking, trackers and reminders, and interactive educational content. Healthrageous is headquartered in Boston, MA, and its investors include North Bridge Venture Partners (Boston, MA/San Mateo, CA), Egan Managed Capital (Boston, MA) and Long River Ventures (Amherst, MA). For more information, go to

About Joslin Diabetes Center
Joslin Diabetes Center, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the world's largest diabetes research and clinical care organization. Joslin is dedicated to ensuring that people with diabetes live long, healthy lives and offers real hope and progress toward diabetes prevention and a cure. Joslin is an independent, nonprofit institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Our mission is to prevent, treat and cure diabetes.  Our vision is a world free of diabetes and its complications. For more information , visit
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