A new report was released recently showing that blogs do influence purchase decisions.  Joe Pilotta of iMedia Connection  shares the findings of a BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM VI), in an article titled Blogs, Purchase Decisions and Race yesterday.  The report breaks blogging influences into three categories:

1. Medicine

2. Car/Truck

3. Electronics. 

The impact for the Electronic category surpasses the others but the influence blogs have on Medicinal purchases is obvious.

From the graph in the article it looks as medicine fares as follows:

  • Hispanics are influenced somewhere around 3.5%

  • African Americans come in just below 2%

  • Whites are less influenced in this category at approximately 1%

This is only the beginning.  A year ago the influence of purchases due to blogs for electronics was much lower than it is today.