Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame...



TIME Magazine launched its Red Border campaign in Times Square on Dec. 1, promoting its upcoming "Person of the Year" issue. Headshots of the nominees appear on the Reuters sign... and so can yours. The magazine's red border surrounds the billboard and copy states, "Person of the Year. Who would you choose?" Those looking for 15 seconds of fame can upload a picture online until Dec. 18, when TIME reveals its "Person of the Year." The winner's headshot will remain displayed through Dec. 19. In addition, a street team will take pictures of pedestrians traipsing through Times Square and transmit those photos onto the billboard within minutes. Once your picture has appeared on the billboard, you are e-mailed a URL to your picture, which can be printed out or sent to friends. I thought it'd be ideal to upload my own picture to use in this space... so here I am! But I wasn't the only one hatching this idea. Fallon created the site.

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