Friday, February 24, 2006

About Bows Health Video

About Bows Health Video

by Gavin O'Malley, Friday, Feb 24, 2006 6:00 AM EST

CONTINUING TO EXPAND ITS ORIGINAL video offerings, added various ad-supported videos to its Health Channel on Wednesday. The query site, owned by The New York Times Company, branched into gadgets and electronics video earlier this month.

Curios seeking heath-related stories on the site now have access to short-form videos covering kids' fevers, real facts about bird flu, and understanding the "new food pyramid," among other topics.

The videos come loaded with pre-roll advertising. Pfizer's Bengay brand was running ads on Wednesday, and many additional pharmaceutical brands have already signed on, said Mark Westlake, About's sales and marketing senior vice president. The site's health channel has featured sponsors including Aventis, P&G, Neulasta, Zicam, and Lexapro, among others.

Dr. Mona Khanna, MD, MPH is one of the health channel's video contributors, while its new gadget-related video is hosted by its resident tech reporter Brett Larson.

About introduced video advertising on its site over a year ago with sponsorships by Honda and Black & Decker, among others.

Westlake said he expects About's some 500 "guides" to begin contributing video covering over 57,000 topics in the future.


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dchase said...

With all the new phones (ie. ESPN) starting to be sponsored by companies that want their mediums to be casted directly to the phone, wouldn't it be cool to have similiar things for people taking your pharmaceutical medication to get disease info + the option of signing up to a blog of their choice to read...