Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Era of TIVOCasting is Upon Us

I have been awaiting the release of TIVO desktop 2.4 for a few months now.  It’s supposed to become available sometime before Christmas.  However, Engadget seemed to have gotten a sneak peek.  For those who own a TIVO, this is very interesting.  For those who don’t, it still speaks to the incredible potential of the IP-TV future (e.g., Television “broadcast” over internet protocols).  Imagine that any person in the world, in similar fashion to YouTube, can post a video on TIVO and that anyone else in the world (who owns a similarly configured TIVO box) can watch it… on THEIR Television!!!  Soon, we will all have our own “cable” channels that anyone in the world can watch (and record).  And TIVO also plans to be launching a “search” feature (think Google on the TV), which will let others find any content by keyword (both professional and amateur).  Welcome to the age of TIVOcasting.  And guess what?   It’s just around the corner.  




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