Monday, March 05, 2007

New trend: Matching ads to online video content

New trend: Matching ads to online video content
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Last week, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ran an article examining the new trend of start-up companies investing in advanced technology systems that can match advertising to online video content. Using text-based search engines pairing content with relevant ads based on keywords, user demographics, and time of day, the companies hope to capitalize on this targeting opportunity. The market for such ads has enormous potential, but whether the start-ups can realize that before larger companies like Microsoft jump in remains to be seen.
Also in doubt is the best way to scan videos for content, how to display the ads or how to target them to consumers who will be most receptive to them. One of the start-ups, Blinkx, recently tested targeted ads with video from Britain's Independent Television News Ltd., and reported that identifying key words in the text generally didn't produce better results for advertisers than just identifying the type of content and likely demographic traits of viewers. Another company, ScanScout, has already gained some traction with the technology and it is being tested by PureVideo Networks. Brightcove, PodZinger, and YuMe Networks are other start-ups covered in the WSJ article. 
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