Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Marketers Try Online Video Platform to Maximize TV ROI

Marketers Try Online Video Platform to Maximize TV ROI
by Tameka Kee, Tuesday, May 29, 2007 6:00 AM ET
COCA-COLA AND MAYBELLINE ARE AMONG the advertisers that are partnering with online marketing firm BrandPort to test a video platform that gives consumers an incentive to watch online the ads they may skip viewing programs using a DVR.

According to Nielsen, in households that have a DVR, 50% of commercials are skipped during program playback.

"Technology is making it easier for consumers to block and skip ads," said Kivin Varghese, BrandPort's CEO. "So brands need to give their desired audience a reason to spend quality time with their message. We need to give increasing value to consumers for their time and attention."

In the BrandPort Sweepstakes program, consumers can win prizes that range from retail gift cards and Nintendo Wiis to all-expense paid vacations and cars for watching 15- or 30-second TV spots and answering one or two questions afterward.

After registering basic demographic info such as name, age, gender and mailing address on the bpsweeps.com landing page, consumers set up an account and view up to 20 ads per week, earning points they can redeem for prizes directly or count as entries in a weekly sweepstakes.

Advertisers can meet consumers on a number of levels with the program--by repurposing their TV spots for direct viewing, by sponsoring specific prizes, or by hosting a version of the platform on their own site.

Brands such as Coca-Cola and Maybelline have already partnered with the company for brand awareness testing using the BrandPort Insights platform. Given online video's core 18- to-34-year-old demographic, Varghese feels that "although it fits well with anybody that advertises on TV," the platform would especially benefit the auto, financial services and CPG industries.

Varghese adds that the BrandPort Sweepstakes offers advertisers a new level of accountability, as the cpm-based program delivers "proof of an actual consumer interaction, not just the idea of an impression."

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