Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nielsen//NetRatings Launches VideoCensus, Combining Panel- and Census-Based Metrics, Delivering the Industry's Most Accurate Online Video Measurement Product

Nielsen//NetRatings Launches VideoCensus, Combining Panel- and Census-Based Metrics, Delivering the Industry's Most Accurate Online Video Measurement Product

Leading Global Media and User-Generated Video Companies Endorse VideoCensus Methodology and Results

NEW YORK - May 7, 2007 - Nielsen//NetRatings (Nasdaq: NTRT), a global leader in Internet media and market research, today announced the availability of VideoCensus, the industry's most accurate online video measurement service. VideoCensus is the first-ever syndicated online video measurement service to combine panel and census research methodologies and provide an end-to-end accounting of audience size, demographic composition, engagement and competitive activity.

"We are excited to bring the VideoCensus product to market and pleased with the enthusiastic client response," said Manish Bhatia, executive vice president of NetRatings. "By harnessing the unique strengths of both panel and Web analytics measurement tools, we have a 'best of breed' service that can be used for planning and post analysis on the Internet - something no other information set offers."

The VideoCensus methodology employs two patented assets, NetRatings' desktop meter and SiteCensus content-tagging technology. To facilitate reporting, online video publishers, technology providers and networks attach a simple piece of NetRatings code to their video delivery platforms. Once enabled, this code allows NetRatings to collect a precise census count of the viewing activity. The NetRatings desktop meter, deployed to hundreds of thousands of panelist PCs worldwide, further dissects and analyzes the video data to provide granular insight into viewer engagement with specific video channels, programs, and clips.

Dave Osborn, director of the Nielsen//NetRatings MegaPanel services, elaborated on the product's evolution: "Our charge was to build a measurement system that provides rich demographics, pinpoint accuracy and the ability to adapt quickly to meet the changing needs of this evolving marketplace. VideoCensus is grounded in media research fundamentals and leverages the technology and accountability afforded by the Internet."

Transparency in Methodology and Scalability in Reporting "We have been impressed with the care that has been applied to the VideoCensus product," said Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer for Turner Broadcasting System. "We believe it is superior to competitive syndicated video measurement products."

Using a technology-agnostic collection system, VideoCensus objectively measures all methods of streaming media delivery regardless of the application, protocol or viewing platform. Through its proprietary combination of technologies, VideoCensus can easily report on viewing of cached content, peer-to-peer programs, and digital rights-managed (DRM) video streams. In this way, VideoCensus will allow for seamless reporting as the industry continues to innovate.

"As an innovator in online video, it's important that our data be presented accurately in the marketplace," said Julie DeTraglia, vice president of Strategic Digital Research at NBC. "We like the transparency of the VideoCensus methodology because we know exactly what is being measured." Unprecedented Accuracy in Video Measurement Given the array of opportunities for distribution and monetization presented by online video, one of the key marketplace requirements is that content be accurately credited.

"VideoEgg is delivering more than 425 million video streams a month, across more than 70 social networking sites. VideoCensus has given us the ability to get accurate counts of activity across our network, along with the panel-based demographic data we need to position our audience," said Troy Young, chief marketing officer of VideoEgg.

Initial VideoCensus reports were released to clients in January and are available monthly. The next-generation release, complete with an online user interface and robust suite of reports, is due in October 2007.

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