Monday, May 21, 2007

'Silver Surfers' Dominate U.K. Internet

'Silver Surfers' Dominate U.K. Internet


Source: MarketingVOX


Internet users aged 55 and older are about to become the largest online demographic in the U.K, reports HitWise.


55+ online surfers now account for 22 percent of British Internet visits, up 40 percent over 2006.


This figure brings them right up behind the demographic leader, 35-44 year olds, which currently comprise 23.5 percent of visits.


Search engines and sites geared toward adults, shopping and classifieds are those most visited by the over-55 set. They also frequently visit news sites, travel sites and sites devoted to leisure pursuits, like cruises.


"Silver Surfers" account for 27 percent of visits to travel websites and 24 percent of visits to news sites. Cruise sites fared far better, though, getting almost half - 48 percent - of their traffic from newly minted seniors.


The seniors come from across the income spectrum, but larger income-holders, however, go online more often.


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