Monday, August 06, 2007

SheSpeaks to Unlock WOM of Women

SheSpeaks to Unlock WOM of Women

Women represent just over 50 percent of the US population but account for 80 percent of consumer spending, according to the latest Trendwatching brief, making women top candidates for word-of-mouth marketing.

This is just the kind of knowledge that SheSpeaks plans to leverage.

Like BzzAgent on estrogen, the site invites females to register and try out new products for free in exchange for opinions and reviews. Women fill out a survey to determine what products they'd be interested in sampling.
SheSpeaks' Patricia Mee says the site's 30,000 members are "connectors" with large personal networks who pass along information and generate word-of-mouth.

For marketers, this means the site can not only provide word-of-mouth and on-site product placement, but rich member profile data including demographic and psychographic elements.

Sectors currently benefiting from the power of the woman's roar include packaged goods, publishers, cosmetics, and snack foods among others.

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