Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Manhattan Research service goes beyond consumer online numbers

Manhattan Research service goes beyond consumer online numbers

Analysis of online pharma resources, company and product Web sites, search engine use, and social networking are some of the topics covered in Manhattan Research's latest research and advisory service, ePharma Consumer. The online study of U.S. consumers, available now for subscribing clients, includes more than five years worth of trended data and insight from Manhattan Research. Other topics include DTC advertising, utilization and trust of online prescription information, blogs, podcasts, and wikis. "The study ePharma Consumer was built as a result of numerous conversations with our largest clients who wanted to go above and beyond typical server and media usage data," said Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research. Rather than asking whether sites are being used, Bard said pharma companies now want to know what kinds of consumers are using their sites, how they use them, and what they do when they leave.

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