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Ad Infuse Introduces First Video Advertising Solution for the iPhone

Ad Infuse Introduces First Video Advertising Solution for the iPhone

Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 6, 2008--Ad Infuse, a leader in delivering highly personalized mobile advertising experiences, today announced a new mobile advertising unit designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. The new solution enables brands to uniquely reach the millions of iPhone subscribers in the US and Europe, bringing together video and browsing formats for the first time. The company introduced the new product to meet the growing demand from top brands and premium publishers for a more visual, rich multi-media experience that can leverage the unique mobile web capabilities of the iPhone.

The new ad unit is already in production with several early advertiser and publisher partners, with global availability later this month. Ad Infuse’ s platform will now automatically recognize the iPhone, and deliver advertisements optimized specifically for that device. The multi-format capability enables advertisers to gain broader reach with their target audience, delivering presence in more areas where subscribers are spending time on the mobile device. Publishers are now able to open up more of their content for more compelling multi-format campaigns, ultimately gaining from higher revenue opportunities.

“The iPhone has undeniably set new benchmarks in providing a rich and dynamic user experience for the mobile Web,” said Liz Ross, President of Tribal DDB West, one of the world’ s top digital marketing agencies. “Being able to leverage its full potential, especially in video, is an exciting development for creating innovative and compelling ways to interact with consumers.”

Ad Infuse offers full flexibility through a choice of video, browsing, or integrated multi-format campaigns. Utilizing progressive downloading for video, the solution delivers the same user experience as streaming but with a much higher image quality, ensuring the best presentation of an advertiser’ s creative assets. Video ads and content are able to stretch and rotate with the phone without any interruption, delivering a seamless user experience. In addition, dynamic ad insertion allows real-time targeting, and advertisers can rotate multiple ads throughout a campaign to keep it fresh and interesting for consumers.

“Ad Infuse continues to spearhead innovation in rich media and multi-format advertising solutions,” said Brian Cowley, CEO of Ad Infuse. “As top publishers create content optimized for the iPhone and premium brands look to interact with consumers in exciting new ways, our new solution delivers exactly the kind of user experience and targeting capabilities the market is seeking.”

Since its debut in June 2007, almost four million iPhone’ s have been sold worldwide according to Apple. And the user experience is drawing more users to the mobile web. In a recent study by M:Metrics, almost 90 percent of iPhone owners try to access the mobile web, compared to 10 percent of regular cell-phone users.

About Ad Infuse

Ad Infuse is leading the industry in personalized mobile advertising solutions. With a technology platform that delivers relevant advertising experiences targeted to each mobile subscriber, Ad Infuse is replacing mass communications with a direct, brand-to-consumer relationship. Uniting carriers, brands, content providers and consumers, Ad Infuse is creating a marketplace for mainstream mobile media consumption. For carriers, Ad Infuse offers an ad-serving technology solution architected to protect consumer privacy and to deliver a blend of ad-supported and subscription-based premium content. For brands, Ad Infuse redefines advertising with truly dynamic ad insertion, allowing marketers to personalize their message and build a direct, high-impact relationship with the consumer. For content providers, Ad Infuse offers a path to mobile syndication supported by a balanced combination of subscription and ad-supported revenue. For consumers, Ad Infuse reveals all the possibilities that the mobile Web has to offer -- from intriguing user-generated content and games, to the latest in news stories and pop culture videos.

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