Monday, March 03, 2008

New Social Networking Site, Paired with DNA Test of Members, Brings the Power of Science to Everyman

New Social Networking Site, Paired with DNA Test of Members, Brings the Power of Science to Everyman

Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

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VANCOUVER, Canada--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 27, 2008--Genetic testing is now the newest way to connect. A new social network,, allows users to submit a DNA sample from home, retrieve the results online and then connect with community members interested in finding others with shared genetic traits.

By adding a social networking component to the fast growing interest in tracing one’ s ancestry, the developers of are putting personal DNA genealogy knowledge directly into the hands of consumers and giving them the tools to use it to learn more about themselves.

To get started, consumers log onto and purchase a test kit. While they are waiting for their results, they can set up their family tree and start connecting to other members of the network. Once their DNA results are posted, they can explore their own unique genetic makeup and find out more about their roots. offers a wide range of databases against which members can compare their DNA, including a deep ancestry marker database that allows members to trace their family history back 150,000 years; a database containing the DNA of indigenous populations, compiled from hundreds of scientific studies, that lets members see how their genetics compare to current populations around the world; and’ s user database, which allows them to connect with long lost relatives. already has entries from more than 600,000 registered members and is growing rapidly. was created by Genetrack Biolabs, one of the largest DNA testing labs in North America. In addition to DNA testing for hospitals and other laboratories, Genetrack’ s technicians do forensic studies for criminal investigations and court cases. Experts in DNA work, Genetrack technicians have also tested remains from mass graves in the UK and Europe.

Consumers can purchase a DNA Ancestry Project maternal or paternal DNA test kit for just $119 each. The kit includes a CD that provides a convenient user interface to the wide range of search analysis tools available at the social networking site. A combo test costs $238.

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