Monday, September 29, 2008

Claymation Demos 'Help People Understand Complicated Things'

Claymation Demos 'Help People Understand Complicated Things'


Would you rather listen to a talking head explain how to use their
"innovative Web 2.0 service" - or watch Gumby do a song-and-dance about

Assuming most people would choose the latter, Invoke Labs launched
Claytorial (, a website that, under the premise
of helping "people understand complicated things!", creates appealing
claymation videos for clients' products, ideas or services.

Claytorial artists start by drawing a visual map of the company's idea.
Then they bring them to life as moving images in a video sketch:

So far, the company has only one major client:, a company that
- as MarketingVOX discovered after watching the "claytorial" - enables
instant creation of SMS and mobile sites for promotion, sales, and
personal communication:

A brief glance at's website, which sports the logo "Handy
information. To go!", does not quite clarify what the company does, who
can/should use its services, and what the added value is.

After watching the claymation demo, however, it becomes clear that tagga
covers the trifecta:

1. Consumers who want to send web content (e.g., news feeds,
data) to their mobile

2. Marketers who want to easily create mobile sites and SMS

3. Publishers who can get more revenue by adding tools like
"send to mobile" on their website.

In short, viewers are left with a basic, resonating understanding of a
brand, product or service. As an added bonus, they may also be left with
a warm, fuzzy - and childlike - reaction to the claymation tutorial.

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