Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rebel Physicians Talk Smack on Pharma

More physicians are generating negative word of mouth about pharma

The percentage of U.S. physicians who are deeply dissatisfied with pharma and actively generate negative word of mouth has risen from 12% to 19% in the past year. That's according to new TNS Healthcare research about more than 1,500 general practitioners. The five major European markets--United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain--also show a high proportion of doctors actively creating negative word of mouth, ranging from a low of 19% in Italy to a high of 27% in the United Kingdom. These negative talkers are labeled "rebels," and according to TNS, companies should have no more than 15% of their customer base fall into this category. When rebels make up more than 15%, it becomes more difficult to overcome the negative buzz and promote successfully.

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