Monday, March 23, 2009

AMAZING: Now You Can Talk to Twitter and Find Clinical Trials

Now You Can Talk to Twitter and Find Clinical Trials


Twitter <> is emerging as a popular method of
expression and communication through short updates (or micro-blogging)
and has seen rapid growth in the last few months. The service is used by
people to "update" what they are doing and apprising them of "what's
happening" by following updates of others. There are estimated
<> 4-6 millions users of Twitter
sending more than 2 million messages every day.

So how can Twitter be used to increase information availability of
clinical trials and thus speed up the development of life-saving
medicines? Well, there are many users on Twitter, who happen to be
looking for clinical trials or even participants discussing research
studies. For example, "@hjhunter is looking to participate in a clinical
trial" or "@k_herb Being a participant in a clinical trial food study is
super fun". We wanted to help users like @hjhunter to find matching
clinical trials, something we already have at TrialX
<> , from Twitter itself. Hence, we developed a
TrialX Twitter app to serve this user need and enable patients to find
clinical trials personalized to their health needs.

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