Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Twitter 12-23-2009

  • 09:08:01: Are celebrities crossing the line on medical advice?
  • 09:08:46: Don't believe medical advice from Internet, celebs when ... #fdasm
  • 10:40:45: VERIZON vs AT&T. Fascinating article. Independent tests show REAL prob is iPhone, not AT&T, but AT&T can't say that.
  • 10:53:23: Apparently, if it wasn't 4 SF's & NYC's terrible coverage (admitted 2 by AT&T) + iphone's "packet" issues, AT&T would win hands down vs VRZ
  • 11:29:32: Has anyone used SQUARESPACE before? If so, what are thoughts? Compared to Blogger & Wordpress? Thanks!
  • 14:44:10: @billmix Tha's what I've heard. All of a sudden, I'm hearing of squarespace everywhere. I guess the company is "tipping".
  • 15:23:57: Submitted to FDA docket, Brodeur Partners & UNC Social Work: "e-Patient Communities and Chronic Illness": #fdasm
  • 15:30:39: FDA responds to the #FDASM Community's questions re: "next steps" for Internet & Social Media Guidelines: Pls RT
  • 17:59:14: Re: FDA's "response" to #fdasm community questions. For me, the dialogue IS the message. Think positive. Happy holidays friends!

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