Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From Twitter 02-01-2010

  • 12:26:38: PLS READ & RT: Follow @palio_saratoga, 4 each follow $5 DONATED 2 RedCross/Haiti. Don't care abt Palio? Unfollow later! http://bit.ly/bm24TX
  • 12:28:09: AWESOME POST/ANALYSIS! RT @jonmrich: " The Best Pharma Products According to Patients": http://bit.ly/9JKzWd #hcsm #fdasm
  • 12:32:56: In Case You Missed It. COMING SOON: Interview w/FDA on Guidance 4 Drug Promotion via Internet & Social Media: http://bit.ly/af0DKa #fdasm
  • 12:33:53: Flatter me you do. RT @shwen: @SusannahFox LOL! I always wanted to be a jedi knight ;-) Does that make @skypen Yoda? :-) #fdasm
  • 12:46:46: In case you didn't know -- all 70+ presos from FDA public hearings are already considered officially "SUBMITTED" as comments. #fdasm
  • 13:25:57: Just Released: "THE HEALTH TWEEDER", a beautiful disease-state focused twitter visualization tool: http://bit.ly/bUWPaA #hcsm
  • 13:48:32: Direct all questions/comments re: "The Health Tweeder" to @pixelsandpills; the creators of the tool.
  • 15:50:38: VERY INTERESTING: CDC releases SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES to share best practices: http://bit.ly/95m4NX (via @roskadigital) #hcsm #fdasm
  • 23:46:57: MinnPost - Drug, device companies want to 'talk' to you via social media http://bit.ly/cl5Ufg #fdasm
  • 23:59:34: Provocative new post (or mini whitepaper!) by @PhilBaumann "The ROI of the Tweet" http://bit.ly/aPPpzR (via @simchabe)

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