Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Twitter 02-09-2010

  • 05:05:13: NOW AVAILABLE: Exclusive interview w/FDA on Internet & Social Media Promotion of FDA-regulated medical products #fdasm
  • 05:45:12: Complete transcript of NEW INTERVIEW w/FDA on Internet & Social Media Promotion of FDA-regulated products: #fdasm
  • 05:46:55: RT @ignitehealth: Ignite's POV on FDA’s first public response after hearing on Internet & Social Media: #fdasm
  • 07:09:58: @johannask - I think the link is broken - use this for the FDA transcript: #fdasm
  • 07:26:26: New study finds Multiple Sclerosis support program Increases treatment adherence & persistence, reduce relapses
  • 07:33:56: AWESOME! HHS & Johnson & Johnson @jnjcomm partner 2 launch TEXT4BABY mobile health program 4 expectant moms: #hcsm
  • 07:38:12: Great blog post! Big Pharmaceutical Companies Making Cautious Plays for Facebook Users #fdasm #hcsm
  • 07:40:34: Highlights from NY Social Media Week: "Despite regulation, cool things are brewing in healthcare and finance":
  • 07:43:30: Powerful story about the use of social media to fight cancer: #fdasm #hcsm
  • 07:46:04: The knife cuts both ways. "Families Use Social Media To Respond To Gardasil Side Effects" #fdasm #hcsm
  • 08:11:21: @ susfeig I must ask, why not just leverage (& encourage) existing technology like twitter w/hastags 2 ask speaker questions at #epharma?
  • 08:40:05: Yes
  • 09:20:32: Agreed! RT @swoodruff: Now up at #epharma: @durbaniak (Sanofi). Dennis is one of the smart guys in the room.
  • 11:07:58: In case you missed it: new interview with FDA re: Internet & Social Media Guidance Process -- call for data! #fdasm
  • 11:48:40: Booked flight to get out of philly 2day before massive storm. Just received call that the flight I was on 2morrow cancelled! Whew! #epharma
  • 11:58:29: Changed my flight. At airport! Connect via phone tomorrow? My flight tomorrow cancelled!

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