Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Facebook launches New "Promote Your Post" Feature for Fan Pages

Very interesting new feature that was apparently just recently launched on Facebook. It was brought to my attention by this post on WebProNews.

I am not sure exactly when it happened, but the new feature allows fan page owners to "promote" the "posts" that they make on the facebook pan page. Now, when a new "updated" post is added your fan page, a new "promote" option appears next to "comment" and "like". See the example below:

If you click "promote", a pop-up screen appears that gives you the option to create an ad that enables you to reach your "potential fans" with the post with a "promotion". If you opt to got down this path, then it appears you would only pay when people either "Become A Fan" of your page or if they "click" to your Page from the ad (I am still trying to sort this out, honestly). In my opinion, you should pay two different prices. "A Fan", I imagine, is worth more than any old unqualified click. So yes, I do see how this may indeed have value over the long-run. See the example below:

Yet, when it came time to putting my credit card down I did not see a PPF option (pay-per-fan) option, so I bailed out. Me thinks perhaps I must read a little more before I launch a useless experiment. Either way, these are the facts as I know them know. Make of them what you will. Bottom line: You can promote specific POSTS created in your fan pages. How much do you pay, what is the value, do you care ? -- those are questions YOU need to answer.

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