Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 13:26:49: This is an INCREDIBLE visualization of Paris... install the 3D plug-in and explore, zoom in, details are RIDICULOUS.
  • 13:33:30: Presentation from Social Health 2010 (#SXSH) "FDASM: The Making of a Social Media Movement": #fdasm #hcsm
  • 13:39:53: @agDesignNetwork - I presented at SXSH, but I'm not at SXSW... I wish :)
  • 13:40:39: Just pre-ordered by 32GB iPAD. Should receive by April 5. Let the games begin!
  • 16:21:18: Thx 4 RTs! Slideshare jst wrote it was mst RTed preso of the hr! "FDASM: The Making of a Social Media Movement" #sxsh
  • 18:40:21: @Jeff_Greene - how has SXSW been so far? Anything intersting?

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