Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Twitter 03-24-2010

  • 09:56:29: New PEW REPORT shows adults living w/chronic disease are disproportionately offline in an online world [PDF]
  • 10:04:46: New PEW report on use of Internet by ppl w/chronic disease - Ignite Health POV, summary, implications 4 epharma: #hcsm
  • 10:05:10: @GeoTechie - yes, flash, I know, sorry...
  • 11:27:51: GR8! RT @roskadigital: #FDASM: the Making of a Movement How 2 mobilize people & engage in cause marketing #fdasm #hcsm
  • 11:44:52: Wireless carriers continue 2 drop prices. Cricket to introduce $30/month pay-as-you go unlimited talk & text plan! Wow!
  • 15:05:53: Nice piece in the New York Times, thanks @roskadigital: "Online Social Networks Bridge Gaps for Chronically Ill" #hcsm
  • 15:18:15: Nice! RT @patrickmoran: RT @jensmccabe: @chiah has a great interview at #sxsw, mentions outcomes from #sxsh:
  • 15:29:02: Interesting. RT @pmpconnect: RT @epharma: Pfizer Does Large-Scale Social Media Market Research #epharma
  • 15:35:51: RT @mkmackey: This is very cool! RT @parislemon Twision: Twitter Television Is Here! Well, In Spain Anyway.
  • 16:55:13: Why are all the ads on my facebook page (right-column) related to diabetes? Is it b/c I am a "fan" of diabetes groups & pages?
  • 17:03:12: FDR's little-known, never-enacted "2nd Bill of Rights": A job, home, education, recreation & HEALTH CARE. Core 2 the "pursuit of happiness"
  • 17:15:58: Health Care Reform Reactions From Around The World
  • 17:17:48: Actually, that's why I posted it -- forgot 2 tag u RT @EileenOBrien: @skypen Just asking someone from Spain on #socpharm about that topic!

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