Thursday, April 01, 2010

From Twitter 03-31-2010

  • 06:55:44: Novo Nordisk Introduces New Industry Resource for Information on Diabetes and Chronic Disease #diabetes
  • 06:57:29: Lilly USA Updates Health Education Program to Help Patients With Depression Build Network of Support
  • 06:59:03: New Whitepaper: "Comparing User Engagement across Seven Interactive and Social-Media Ad Types": #hcsm
  • 07:34:00: RT @jonmrich: Round 1 Voting for the Dose of Digital #Dosie Awards is now open. Vote for best communities. #fdasm #hcsm
  • 07:40:05: my iPad shipped this morning :)
  • 07:42:49: Next up: Erectile Dysfunctional monitor in your underwear. SMS alert: "Houston, We Have a Problem". :) @johannask:
  • 07:49:10: @pharmaguy - they sent me an email this morning.
  • 07:51:22: @pharmaguy funny thing is, it shipped from Shenzhen, Guangdong China! That baby has a long way to go!
  • 08:41:01: @pharmaguy - that's what I thought too (at first)...
  • 08:42:36: RT @heldincontempt: RT @swoodruff: John Mack's (@pharmaguy) summary of input to the FDA on pharma/social media: #fdasm
  • 08:51:19: @markmag I certainly will... and hopefully it's not a disappointment. Fortunately, I have a MIFI card so I shld b able 2 enjoy on the road.
  • 14:37:01: It's finally happened! Tired of the bitching and backlog, FDA hits reset button and approves everything! #fdasm
  • 14:54:42: @DarrellWhite awesome, where can I find it all?
  • 14:56:29: I can't wait till I get the new ipad. I will be smarter, faster, healthier, and just plain cooler. I've waited my whole life for this...
  • 21:01:42: @DarrellWhite so many different ways to do that, depends on what the "it" is. Tell me more.
  • 21:01:55: @mrgunn :)

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