Saturday, May 01, 2010

From Twitter 04-30-2010

  • 14:46:33: New Blog Post by @digitalbulldog & @spitzstrategy re: e-Marketing, Pharma & Facebook’s New “Like” Feature" #hcsm #fdasm
  • 15:13:34: RT @PfisterInsights: Take a look at Ignite's POV on Facebook "Like" feature and #ePharma implications
  • 15:44:06: @PhilBaumann i take it you would find Novartis' fpatient "Christopher Chronicles" offensive?: #hcsm #fdasm
  • 16:39:40: Dear @aairwave (Am. Air). Plane ran out of red wine in coach. When 1st class drunk, attndnt poured me their wine. You DO know why I fly :)
  • 17:35:47: @PhilBaumann Not a "hard" vs "easy" thing (2 me). I see it as a creative/strategic approach that COULD b effctive. Not aways. Sometimes. No?

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