Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ePharma Tweets of the Week: 12-21-2010

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Compiled by: Jeremy Franz, Digital Strategy Coordinator at Ignite Health (@eHealthStrat)

Its Official – FDA Delaying Social Media Guidance Until at Least Q1 2011 - (via @eyeonfda)


The news that many in the industry were expecting.

I wish more people would think about this when they think about what they're doing with Social Media: (via @mitchjoel)


This post explains how social media can sometimes alienate those who join “in the middle of the movie.” Mitch offers some good tips on how to get late comers brought up to speed on your conversation.

Our holiday gift, from @foursquare to you: photos and comments! (via @foursquare)


These long requested features make foursquare a much more social platform, but will they be enough to hold off the likely geo-transplatation to Facebook Places?

Google Explores the Human Body With HTML5 (via @mashable)


This incredible atlas of the human body showcases the possibilities of HTML5.

Drug Companies Take Their Pitch to Social Media (via @L2_Pharma)


A great write up on the complexity of social media and Pharma originally published on Time magazine’s online destination. The article profiles Novo Novardisk’s RaceWithInsulin campaign.

Report: 70 percent want access to #mHealth 200M apps in use today, 600M by 2012 (via @mobilehealth)


Statistics in the category have been volatile to date,this report investigates patient motivation and barriers to adoption of mHealth.

GR8 READ! "To Friend or Not" - new report by Deloitte explores SOCIAL MEDIA in life science industry: (via @skypen)


Deloitte’s in-depth study provides insight into the reasons why some life science companies are exploring and adopting social media when others are still on the outside looking in.

The Top Six Innovation Ideas of 2011 (via @HarvardBiz)


Harvard Business Review predicts the key sources of innovation to come in 2011 – and invents the word, “contestification” in the process…

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