Wednesday, December 21, 2005

eHealthInsurance Gets Animated Over New Marketing Blitz, Contest

eHealthInsurance Gets Animated Over New Marketing Blitz, Contest

By Amy Johannes

Nov 3, 2005 6:03 AM

Insurance is a serious matter, but eHealthInsurance is putting a new spin on the subject using humor, an animated series and an online promotion to drive consumer awareness.

In it's newest campaign, Am I Covered?, eHealthInsurance showcases a series of Webisodes at that features the Wyndales, a lovable, yet klutzy family with whom all Americans can identify. In the episodes, Percy Wyndale and his family show how humor can make a difference when dealing with insurance.

"With national uninsured levels at 45.8 million, eHealthInsurance looked to Hollywood for a campaign that would enable us to reach more of the uninsured," said Gary Lauer, CEO of eHealthInsurance, in a statement "We needed creative that would appeal to that segment and a non-traditional delivery mechanism that would reach them."

eHealthInsurance is using cartoons and humor to boost awareness about health insurance

Consumers who visit the site can view three Webisodes, play on online game and get insurance quotes. And starting Monday, visitors can enter a contest to design their own animated shorts online. Entrants will create animated shorts based on the Wyndales' characters. The top winner will get the red carpet treatment at their local movie theater, to see his or her short animated on the big screen.

TrueLight Entertainment, Burbank, CA, and RSA, Santa Monica, CA, handle.

"We want to give people a fun access health insurance," Kevin O'Donnell, president of TrueLight Entertainment, said.

E-mail blasts, p.r. and online materials support. The contest is open to consumers 18 and older and runs through mid December.


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