Monday, March 06, 2006

Datamonitor: Pharma blog monitoring equals free market research

Datamonitor: Pharma blog monitoring equals free market research


Pharmas should be using blogs at the very least as market research and relationship-management tools, reports Datamonitor. By monitoring what consumers are saying about them in blogs, pharmas can shape marketing campaigns to counter negative or incorrect information about its company or products. Don't ever ignore negative or incorrect information posted in blogs, says Kimberly O'Malley, senior analyst at Datamonitor. These entries should be regarded as opportunities to fix a problem or misperception. Pharma can glean consumer opinions about product packaging or side effects that may prove helpful in planning marketing strategies. For example, a side effect may emerge in blogs that did not appear in clinical trials. Pharmas also have the option of using a more controlled format for blogs, having three or four people in-house posting to the blog, such as the CEO or researchers, and this can help "put a human face" on a pharma, O'Malley says.


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