Monday, April 24, 2006 Launched; TLC, Neutrogena Sponsor Launched; TLC, Neutrogena Sponsor, the recently launched social network targeting women age 25 to 50, has officially gone live and is hoping not only to build an online community but also allow the incorporation of brands into that community experience, writes ClickZ. Moreover, it plans to eventually expand the brand to other channels, including wireless, print, TV and events. The site has two prominent sponsors at launch - Neutrogena and TLC - and a third advertiser will launch its campaign in conjunction with an offline one that breaks next week.

"Advertisers that we've talked to have been very excited by the chance to build a community within a community that they can embed their brand into," Allie Savarino, president and cofounder of Sisterwoman, is quoted by ClickZ as saying. "They want to be involved with sites like MySpace, but they don't want to put their brand at risk."

The number of site sponsors was kept intentionally small to allow members to take ownership of the community before introducing more advertisers, according to Savarino. Ad sales are handled by an in-house team.

Savarino, who helped launch Unicast, is joined in the undertaking by former journalist Sally Rodgers, former E! and MTV executive Joe Shults, and MSN advertising team member Bart Barden.

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