Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not, this is not a Web site for pot-smokers...

New Daiichi Sankyo site aims to help people with dry mouth: MyDryMouth.com
Daiichi Sankyo is sponsoring a new Web site for people who suffer from Sjögren's syndrome, a condition that causes dry mouth and eye. The site, mydrymouth.com, offers tools to help people with the condition, 90% of whom are women, recognize the symptoms and discuss the problem with their doctors. According to Daiichi Sankyo, people often live with the condition for up to 10 years before being diagnosed. The site offers tips for people with the condition, a questionnaire for users to fill out and share with their doctors, and links to additional resources about Sjögren's syndrome. Users can also join the Moisture Network, an opt-in program in which patients receive additional information about Sjögren's syndrome. Daiichi Sankyo makes the drug Evoxac, a treatment for dry mouth in patients with Sjögren's syndrome. Learn more on the Web site http://www.mydrymouth.com/.
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