Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dorland Healthcare Information Launches Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide

Dorland Healthcare Information Launches Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide

Tuesday December 12, 12:18 am ET

Publication Answers Need for a Patient Education Tool That Rates the Best Websites on Health Conditions

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that redefines the way consumers search for online health information, Dorland Healthcare Information has launched Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide, a series of books that identifies, describes, filters and rates the best websites on the 60 most common diseases and health conditions. This series is the first of its kind, directing consumers to only the most credible Web information.

Source: Dorland Healthcare Information

"Finding reliable online health information is no easy task," says Robert Graham, CEO of Dorland Healthcare Information. "Results from major search engines can be overwhelming. How much time can you allot to sorting through thousands of deceptive, random and often outdated results, and how do you know if the information found is credible? Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide has solved this problem for Web users who are increasingly going online for health information."

Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide is designed to direct consumers to the most reliable online health information in a matter of seconds. "Users can be confident in the recommended sites," says Robert C. Smith Jr., Ph.D., Editor- in-Chief of Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide. "Created by an experienced staff of physicians, medical editors and website analysts, the series contains the most reliable information from a trusted and independent third party source." Smith added that "80 percent of the online population searched for health information last year, and less than 50 percent was satisfied with the results they found. This is clearly the right product at the right time."

The guide is also a great resource for time-stressed physicians as it helps doctors efficiently care for their patients by directing them to health websites vetted and pre-screened by Dorland's group of medical experts. "Total Health Rewards is excited to partner with Dorland Healthcare in the launch of the Website Guide. Providing the means to quickly and confidently direct patients to appropriate online information is undoubtedly a benefit to both physician and patient," says Mary Tooman, Director of Materials Management for Total Health Rewards.

Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide also provides pharmaceutical sales representatives with a new and relevant marketing tool. It saves healthcare professionals hundreds of hours, which would otherwise be spent searching the Web for objective and reliable disease-specific websites. "Time is perhaps the greatest gift to anyone, especially physicians. Their time is so much in demand," says Harry J. Alba Jr., Executive Vice President of Sales at Dorland Healthcare Information. "The guide will be invaluable for both patients and health professionals and will help create ongoing opportunities for pharmaceutical sales representatives to gain more face-time with physicians. Most importantly, it will help professionals care for their patients." Alba added that "the rules have changed regarding the kinds of advertising premiums and gifts that can be given to health professionals. Fortunately, a patient education tool featuring medically relevant health information is perfectly suited to today's marketplace and PhRMA guidelines."

Available now in print, and online beginning January 2007, consumers can purchase individual copies of Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide by calling toll free at 800.784.2332. Physicians are encouraged to visit to redeem certificates or purchase the guides most appropriate to their specialty.

About Dorland Healthcare Information

Dorland Healthcare Information (DHI), based in Philadelphia, is a nationally recognized publisher known as the leader in healthcare business information for the past 50 years. DHI publishes several magazines - enrich, your Health & Life distributed quarterly to over 1,000,000 consumers, Case in Point for medical professionals in case management, and the Good Neighbor Health Guide for multi-cultural marketing. DHI also publishes a variety of industry print and online reference books, such as the Case Management Resource Guide; Dorland's Medical Directory; Medical & Healthcare Marketplace Guide and Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide.

About Total Health Rewards

Total Health Rewards (formerly Medsite Rewards(TM)) is the leading provider of medically relevant incentives for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Their programs provide outsourced fulfillment primarily designed to attract medical professionals to pharmaceutical promotional events. As the industry leader, Total Health Rewards reaches more doctors and handles more volume than any of their competitors, and their brand recognition significantly increases recruitment efficacy for all types of pharmaceutical programs.

Total Health Rewards' Redemption catalog contains 40,000 medical products (supplies and textbooks) specifically geared to aid physicians in the treatment of their patients, making Total Health Rewards a smart and flexible way to create awareness, encourage activity, and build goodwill among medical professionals in a manner that is compliant with existing guidelines.

Source: Dorland Healthcare Information

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