Monday, January 22, 2007

Doc networking site gives insight into top-of-mind issues

Doc networking site gives insight into top-of-mind issues

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Last month, a physician wrote on her blog that although she has started to discuss the new HPV vaccine with her young female patients, she has encountered insurance coverage barriers. That's one of the insights to the day-to-day physician concerns that pharma can find on Healtheva, a social networking site for healthcare professionals. Healtheva is free and unlike other sites, does not require physician credentials to register. The site, which launched last year, just added a suite of Web 2.0 technologies that aim to help physicians and researchers access the latest research news, connect with colleagues, coordinate clinical trials, and share best practices. In addition to member profiles, the site includes discussion forums, blogs, news, health headlines, and a section for members to keep notes about their clinical experiences.

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