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epharm5: Top 5 Notable Stories in January 2007

epharm5: Top 5 Notable Stories in January 2007
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As we start the New Year we will continue to see e-health trends and technology shape the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a sampling of notable ePharm5 stories from January chosen on the basis of reader interest and editor perspective.

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1. iVillage Total Health provides deep content for pharma sponsors
Sponsorship opportunities and customized solutions for pharma companies are part of iVillage Total Health, a new online health destination from iVillage Properties. The portal will offer health information from iVillage sites, as well as NBC Universal and GE Healthcare. Sponsorships for pharma companies go beyond display ads and can include developing custom sites, videos, and micro sites, Steven Haimowitz, MD, of iVillage Total Health, tells ePharm5. 

2. Free site offers pharma place to showcase rebates, coupons 
A new Web site called aims improve pharma's brand reach and medication adherence by matching patients with prescription savings offers, like rebates and free trials. Billed as an industry first, pharmas can include their prescription offers on the site, allowing consumers to find savings at the moment they are looking for them. 
3. Eons creator offers senior-relevant search, arthritis most-searched disease
Marketers who have been targeting the 50-plus age group on the site Eons now have another option by the same maker: Eons created, billed as the first age-relevant search engine just for seniors. Pharma marketers may want to take special note, since arthritis was the most-searched disease among the over-50 crowd.

4. Doc networking site gives insight into top-of-mind issues
Recently, a physician wrote on her blog that although she has started to discuss the new HPV vaccine with her young female patients, she has encountered insurance coverage barriers. That's one of the insights to the day-to-day physician concerns that pharma can find on Healtheva, a social networking site for healthcare professionals. 
5. IMS Health enhancement deepens prescribing data available
IMS Health has enhanced its prescription data offerings with a new tool that it says creates more powerful and vital market measurements regarding effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. According to IMS, the Next-Generation Prescription Service provides more accurate and timely product-level insights on all pharmaceutical products. 

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