Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Veoh Launches 'Next-Gen' Online Video Platform

Veoh Launches 'Next-Gen' Online Video Platform

Veoh Networks has launched a platform it claims is "the most comprehensive platform for internet video," providing viewers with DVD-quality content and giving video publishers the ability to syndicate their videos to other platforms, World Screen reports.

"Veoh's mission is to bring the next generation of television to people wherever they are - office, living room, or on the go," Veoh CEO Dmitry Shapiro is quoted as saying.

The platform was beta-tested last year, allowing video publishers to upload videos once to Veoh and automatically syndicate them to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Google Video and MySpace. Veoh has now added syndication to Facebook, the publishers' own blogs, RSS feeds, iPods and Windows Media players.

Publishers can monitor their audiences across the major video websites from their Veoh account. To monetize their videos, publishers can choose advertising, paid content or a combination, and have the option to sell ads themselves or have Veoh sell it.
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