Thursday, February 01, 2007

Social Marketing University: March 28-30 / Washington DC

Social Marketing University
March 28-30, 2007
Washington, DC

Including Next Generation Social Marketing Seminar
March 30, 2007, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
included in registration for SMU
OR register separately for seminar only
Presented by Weinreich Communications
Co-sponsored by Public Health Communication & Marketing Program, GWU School of Public Health and Health Services

Bring about change for good!

How do you help people adopt behaviors that will make them healthier and better off? How can you create positive social change?

At Social Marketing University, you will move beyond the usual educational approach to changing health and social behaviors. Using social marketing, you will learn how to persuade individuals to take action for change by addressing the values, needs and desires that motivate them. It's about understanding and connecting with your audience by applying the same effective marketing tools that companies like Nike and Apple use.

Join social marketing expert Nedra Kline Weinreich for this two and a half-day training in the epicenter of social marketing -- Washington, DC. By the time you leave, you will have an effective social marketing strategy for your own program and the skills to implement it immediately.

You Should Attend if You Are:
* Someone who wants to create health or social change
* A professional at a nonprofit/NGO, public agency or other organization working on health or social issues
* A commercial marketer who wants to apply your skills towards changing the world for the better OR
* A student interested in the field of social marketing (special student rate available!)

You Will Learn:
* How social marketing uses commercial marketing tools to create behavior change
* How to think like a social marketer
* How to segment and understand your audience
* How to develop a strategy using the 8 Ps of the social marketing mix
* How to follow the social marketing process to develop an effective program
* How to use audience research techniques to build and test your strategy, including an in-depth discussion of focus groups
* How to design effective messages and materials
* How to work with the media to get your message out through news and entertainment programming
* How to use cutting-edge technologies to put the new media to work for you
* How to get the most out of your social marketing budget -- even if it's small

Next Generation Social Marketing Seminar
Learn about emerging marketing techniques including:
* Blogs
* Social media like YouTube and Flickr
* Podcasting
* Wikis
* Tagging/social bookmarking
* Social networks like MySpace and Facebook
* Consumer-generated ads
* Virtual worlds like Second Life
* Online communities
* Mobile technology
* and more!

For all the details about the training agenda, registration, fees and hotel accommodations, go to the Social Marketing University information page <> or email for more information.

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