Monday, March 19, 2007

Social Video Marketing Goes Mainstream as Advertisers Jump on Board

New Study Includes Best Practices for Advertisers

    LOS ANGELES, March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study shows that brand
advertisers and their advertising agencies are increasingly adding social
video marketing to their online marketing mix. According to the report,
interest in social video marketing seems to be building among advertisers
following the success of high-profile, video-driven campaigns such as
Volkswagen "Un-Pimp My Ride" and Dove "Evolution."
    The report from video view optimization firm Feed Company
( defines social video as "video content that
is viral in nature and embraced and shared by users within social video
networks such as YouTube and MySpace Video."
    "Major advertisers recognize that their audiences are spending more
time on YouTube and on other video share sites," said Mike Vorhaus,
SVP/Managing Director, Frank N. Magid Associates. "These sites operate as
social communities with video as the primary language. If an advertiser's
video catches fire, the exposure for the brand can be exponential."
    The report includes best practices for advertisers considering social
video marketing including:
    *  Choose what should be viral carefully.
    *  Strive for integration across media and budget for it.
    *  Have your video content and campaign creative be consistent with each
    *  Commit to being a part of the social conversation.
    *  Establish your metrics upfront.
    "Advertisers recognize the value of having their brand video content
exposed to the millions of users populating video share sites," said Josh
Warner, President of Feed Company and author of the report. "This report is
helpful for advertisers looking for the best way to add social video to
their online marketing campaigns."
    The complete report, titled "Social Video 101: A Primer," is available
    About Feed Company
    Feed Company ( is a video view optimization company
based in Los Angeles, CA that helps advertisers and entertainment companies
get their video exposed on popular blogs, social video networks, and P2P
services. Feed Company is leading the field of optimizing views of video
content for major brands on emerging social video networks through
innovative tools and marketing practices. Feed Company has executed social
video campaigns for major brands and their advertising agencies including
General Motors, Warner Bros. Records, and the Democratic National

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