Monday, April 09, 2007

Study: TV ads drive consumers online for disease information

Study: TV ads drive consumers online for disease information

Source: ePharm5(tm)
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TV ads that encourage consumers to go online to learn more about a condition or disease are effectively building awareness for certain conditions, Manhattan Research reports. Restless Leg Syndrome was the top condition researched online due to TV ad prompts, followed by smoking cessation, erectile dysfunction, acne, and HPV. The rankings are based on a comprehensive online consumer research study of 4,965 U.S. adults titled ePharma Consumer v6.0: The Future of Integrated DTC Marketing. "It is clear that unbranded ads are having an impact," Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research, tells ePharm5. In some cases, more than one-third of consumers who researched a certain condition online reported that a TV ad motivated them to do so. Bard says the study also provides data on more than 100 leading pharmaceutical product sites, visitors to unbranded sites, consumer site satisfaction, use of search engines for health information, and more. Go to ePharma Consumer for more information.

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